Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch Review

Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch

Together with the Galaxy S10 smartphone line, Samsung showed the world its new smartwatch – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The device is really historic, for the first time Koreans have deprived of their brand watch bezel. But looking ahead, they did not look worse, and it is quite convenient to use them. There are only two buttons on the right, the bottom one brings up the menu, the right one takes a step back, the rest of the actions are performed on the touch screen


At first, the clock seemed painfully small. Even the question arose whether they would suit a man. But putting them on, the questions disappeared by themselves. They just look neater and minimalist than most solutions on the market. But the rejection of the rim, there are also disadvantages, now the screen is not adequately protected. Suppose that during the use of scratches on the glass did not appear, but the risk of wiping the display on the wall or hitting the device on the angle is still great. In addition, the display is protected by slightly outdated Gorilla Glass 3. The absence of the bezel on the watch weight (25g) also affected if – they are literally not felt, and they do not cause discomfort. Therefore, having come home or going to bed, there is no desire to remove them.

The colors of the case and the straps are four and, as expected, each has a poetic name: delicate powder, sea depth, black satin, and silver ice. Removable straps. Moreover, the set of straps of different lengths – S and L, so worry about whether the watch fit in size, not worth it.

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When synchronizing the clock and the smartphone, you need to download at least three applications before this idea is successful, but then no flights take place. This process was much simpler when connected to the Galaxy S10, as soon as the watch and the brand new flagship appeared nearby, a window appeared on it about connecting to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


I liked the display very much, this is Super AMOLED, its diagonal is 1.1 inches, the resolution is 360 x 360 pixels. Traditionally for Samsung, there is a very nice color rendition and almost maximum viewing angles. But the framework would like to be thinner. There are no complaints about automatic backlighting; on a bright sunny day, the screen is completely readable, and in pitch darkness, it does not hurt the eyes. The light sensor brought another useful feature – by covering the screen with your palm, you can block it. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is running Tizen OS There is support for Bixby voice assistant, but he understands only English. The clock uses a chip Exynos 9110, 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of constant.

Sports features

It is important to talk about the sports component of the watch. With this, everything is fine. They can track 39 types of exercise. And 5 types of training are started automatically, as soon as the watch understands that you have started to practice. After the end of the training, the device displays information about your activity. For example, if it was a run, the clock shows the distance that you covered, the speed, the average and maximum heart rate, and how many calories you spent. Excellent here implemented and notice that you stayed late.

I liked the opportunity to see the level of stress and its implementation. Before you will be a schedule and a pointer to the current state, if you need to calm down, the clock will offer breathing exercises. Some sources say that with the help of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active you can monitor blood pressure. In our version, there was no such option. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it works only in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Germany.


As for autonomy, this is probably the main disadvantage of the device. Battery capacity 230 mAh. Without GPS enabled, but with constant tracking of pulse and stress, the clock lives for a day and a half. They can be charged wirelessly, complete with a special small washer that plugs into a USB connector. Charging time is about two hours.


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