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Top 6 Best Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors


Automatic blood pressure monitors are a real find for people suffering from hypo- or hypertension. Devices of this type allow you to quickly determine the pressure without any help, with minimal error. But, as practice has shown, not all devices give accurate data, and many of them are not so easy to …

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5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors

bloodpressure monitors

Constantly keep the pressure under control can only afford inpatients and doctors. Everyone else will need their own home blood pressure monitor – especially if the family has elderly people or adolescents with VSD. Cheap and accurate instruments can be bought on Amazon. And so that you do not have …

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Microsoft HoloLens 2 – $ 3,500 Mixed Reality Glasses

The American company Microsoft introduced the second generation of HoloLens glasses in a new design with an expanded field of view. The first Microsoft HoloLens was introduced more than four years ago and from that moment, the company did not disclose the details of the development of mixed reality glasses. However, …

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DJI OSMO camera – most stable amateur camera

DJI is an objective leader in the field of drone building. And more recently, when the company had a falling out with GoPro, Chinese DJI minds began to mock their own drone cameras. Already possessing an excellent Zenmuse drive, several own cameras were released to stabilize the camera on the drone. They can …

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Samsung Art PC Pulse showed at CES 2017

The announcement of the Samsung ArtPC Pulse super-computer took place in October 2016. But we managed to get to know better with this car at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This is a premium computer that combines custom design and high performance. Form factor The non-standard shape of the computer – a …

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Withings Thermo – smartest infrared thermometer in the world

We’ve heard about Withings Thermo since IFA 2016 in Berlin. But then we just did not have enough time to get acquainted with this revolutionary and technological thermometer. But at CES 2017 we still managed to pay attention to him. And he deserves not only our attention but also yours. Measures temperature in …

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Lumzag is the safest backpack in the world

At the CES 2018 exhibition, the Lumzag Smart Backpack was shown, the manufacturers of which call it the safest and most technological. Camera backpack The backpack is made in a standard design – nothing outstanding, but underneath the outer gray hides a powerful internal functionality. When you open the backpack, …

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Smart washing machine LG AI DD

The life of every person consists of large and small choices that we make every day. To take an umbrella or not? What flavor of ice cream to choose? When buying a new washing machine, we also have many questions. What programs do we need? What type of laundry do we wash most often – …

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Android TV set-top box Videostrong K1 Plus S2

The Android TV set-top box Videostrong K1 Plus S2 can connect to both new and old TV models. Provides 4K video playback. It makes it possible to enjoy ultra-high quality images when watching movies, TV shows, football matches, TV programs. Internet access is via a wireless Wi-Fi module. This allows you to download and …

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Quadrocopter WLToys V686G with 2MP FPV camera

The WLToys V686G quadcopter is an excellent budget drone for aerial photo/video shooting. Equipped with high-quality recording equipment with the possibility of online signal transmission to the remote. This allows you to enjoy the flight “in the first person” as if being in the cockpit. The model is suitable for both professionals …

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