God of War 2 PC

God of war 2 is a game full of action, thrill and adventure. The game God of war is based on Greek mythology, their gods, titans, their enemies and other Greek heroes. The location and set of games are also based in Greece. The game was basically made for PlayStation first but with the time. It was introduced on PCs too. The game can easily be downloaded on the computer and there are no threats of viruses in this game.

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God of war 2 is filled with action and it is best for the people who are interested in playing fighting games. It really tests your reflexes and time management. The characters of the game God of war 2 are also Greek gods. There is gameplay at the starting of the game which shows the backstory of the game which involves the Greek gods, their fights, and disputes and it also shows how the game should be played. New characters unlock when the number of levels increases and many new weapons also unlock along with this the game God of war shows a very detailed history of ancient Greek and how the fights occurred between gods and etc. which makes the game more interesting.

God of war 2 is originally a single-player game that gives a person a complete thrilling and adventurous experience of an action game along with a very interesting storyline and characters with amazing attractive graphics and good sound effects and impressive background but other versions of the game are present in multiplayer. Ratings of the game God of war are very good. People are enjoying the game and are fascinated by it. Reviews are very constructive.

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