Top 6 Best Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

Automatic blood pressure monitors are a real find for people suffering from hypo- or hypertension. Devices of this type allow you to quickly determine the pressure without any help, with minimal error. But, as practice has shown, not all devices give accurate data, and many of them are not so easy to use. To make it easier for you to make a choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our rating of the best automatic blood pressure monitors.

Omron M2 Basic – tonometer with cuff for mounting on the shoulder

Omron M2 Basic - tonometer with cuff for mounting on the shoulder

This model is considered one of the most accurate and practical. It is equipped with an ergonomic cuff, the size of which can vary from 20 to 32 cm.

A wide range of circle adjustment allows you to use the device for quick pressure measurement not only for adults but also for children.

The tonometer electronic unit is enclosed in a white plastic case, and the electronic wide display is tilted on its upper panel.


  • saving the latest results in the memory of the device, designed to store 30 data obtained during measurements;
  • convenient location of the monitor, which allows you to clearly see all the information displayed on it, regardless of the angle of inclination of the electronic unit;
  • large format display;
  • visual and voice indicator that works when the cuff is not fixed correctly;
  • high pressure indication giving signals in case of deviation from WHO norm;
  • reasonable cost – 1600 rubles.


  • too small a cuff that is not suitable for overweight people;
  • lack of a network adapter included

B.Well WA88 – a tonometer for fixing on a wrist

B.Well WA88 - a tonometer for fixing on a wrist

Compact tonometer with a small electronic unit and a narrow cuff, with a circle adjustable within the range of 14–20 cm.

Thanks to sensitive sensors, the device almost instantly detects pressure. And the 3D positioning system, provides an accurate count of the pulse during active movements.


  • adequate price of 1,600 rubles;
  • powered by a pair of batteries that can be easily replaced by opening a special compartment;
  • light weight – 120 g. Thanks to this, the device does not cause discomfort during prolonged use;
  • the ability to save measurement values ​​in the 30 memory cells provided for this;
  • simple button control;
  • display occupying the entire top panel of the device.


  • high sensitivity of the device to hand movement. If you strain the muscles of the hand during the measurement, the result is distorted by 15-50 units;
  • at a pressure above 200 units, the error increases several times

CONTEC 08A – desktop blood pressure monitor with the ability to pair with a PC

CONTEC 08A - desktop blood pressure monitor with the ability to pair with a PC

A desktop model with a shoulder cuff, suitable for simultaneous use by two users. For each, the manufacturer offers 100 cells that automatically save the measurements.

This model provides the ability to transfer data to a PC by pairing through a USB port. A cable for this and an installation disk are supplied with the basic equipment.


  • the minimum circumference of the cuff is 22 cm, which makes it possible to measure the pressure of the child;
  • the multi-color LCD screen with detailed display of all parameters;
  • intuitive button control;
  • the ability to work, both from batteries and from the network;
  • Network adapter included
  • arrhythmia alert.


  • complex algorithm for setting up the device;
  • software is not suitable for all operating systems;
  • not cheap.

ARMED YE 660A – automatic blood pressure monitor with a large cuff

ARMED YE 660A - automatic blood pressure monitor with a large cuff

A network tonometer with an adapter in the kit and with a cuff enlarged up to 45 cm is optimally suitable for people with a large weight or developed musculature. In addition, this model is distinguished by the possibility of autonomous operation, thanks to the built-in battery.


  • large display with clear, easy-to-read characters;
  • battery display;
  • the simplicity of device configuration carried out in just 2 buttons;
  • availability of a calendar and hours;
  • in addition to pressure data, the heart rate, pulse, and also the number of the group of indicators of memory are simultaneously displayed on the screen;
  • the presence of 74 cells for storing readings;
  • in case of measurement errors, the device signals.


  • sensitive to the position of the arm and body. Even with a slight deviation from the recommended position, an error of 15 units occurs;
  • tight cuff.

Qardio QardioArm – dual measurement model

Qardio QardioArm - dual measurement model

A smart blood pressure monitor without a screen allows you to measure pressure using a smartphone or tablet. To do this, you just need to download a special application, put a cuff on your shoulder and turn on the electronic unit.

Thanks to the double measurement method, the device constantly monitors not only pressure, but also the pulse. This allows you to achieve the necessary air injection without strong pressure on the arm, which in turn increases the accuracy of the data.


  • built-in memory for two users with automatic saving of the latest data;
  • connection via high-speed Bluetooth port;
  • displaying data on a smartphone can be presented both in the classic version and in the form of graphs or charts;
  • the ability to combine data with other Qardio programs. For example, smart scales;
  • warning function at the first manifestations of arrhythmia;
  • portability. The device operates on 4 batteries and has a small size, which allows you to take it with you on a trip or to work.


  • air injection lasts at least a minute;
  • very expensive.

AEG BMG 5677 – tonometer with functional indication

AEG BMG 5677 - tonometer with functional indication

The tonometer AEG BMG 5677, executed in the original design, is characterized by high functionality.

In addition to the standard function of measuring pressure, the device is able to independently monitor the pulse rate and the amplitude of the heart rate, and based on this, determine the first signs of arrhythmia.


  • the ability to connect to a PC using a USB cable and software;
  • in addition, the device can act as a clock or calendar;
  • the device is designed for two users with automatic storage of 60 measurements for each;
  • in case of deviations of the received data from the norm or if the cuff is positioned incorrectly, a loud signal is triggered, and the corresponding icon appears on the screen.


  • pairing with a PC takes about 2 minutes;
  • high cost

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