Withings Thermo – smartest infrared thermometer in the world

We’ve heard about Withings Thermo since IFA 2016 in Berlin. But then we just did not have enough time to get acquainted with this revolutionary and technological thermometer. But at CES 2017 we still managed to pay attention to him. And he deserves not only our attention but also yours.

Measures temperature in 2 seconds

A classic thermometer takes some time to measure a person’s body temperature. A Withings Thermo infrared thermometer does this for 2 seconds. And without even touching the human body. Measurement is carried out through an analysis of the temperature of the superficial temporal artery. It is clinically proven that this particular artery is the best place to measure temperature because the blood that circulates there comes from the depths of the body. Using a thermometer from the frontal part to the temporal part, 16 infrared sensors measure 4000 blood temperature in the temporal artery and determine the hottest point, the temperature of which is displayed as a result of the measurement. 

Smartphone Connection

Withings Thermo displays the results in a dedicated application on the smartphone. In it, you can create accounts for 8 people and when measuring, select the right one on the thermometer. There is a touch panel with an LED screen that displays the name and body temperature. In addition, the application is able to facilitate an independent process of responding to any ailments accompanied by an increase in temperature. After measuring in the application, you can add other symptoms, for example, headache, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, skin rash, and others.

Video review Withings Thermo at CES 2017


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