Lumzag is the safest backpack in the world

At the CES 2018 exhibition, the Lumzag Smart Backpack was shown, the manufacturers of which call it the safest and most technological. Camera backpack The backpack is made in a standard design – nothing outstanding, but underneath the outer gray hides a powerful internal functionality.

When you open the backpack, you can send a notification to the smartphone, and through the smartphone, you can turn on the siren on the backpack. There is a built-in camera that allows you to monitor what is happening behind your back.

There is a built-in power bank and a solar battery for recharging it. Inside there are LEDs for lighting. Also, a tracking system is integrated into the backpack, which allows you to accurately determine the location of the backpack. Lumzag Smart Backpack is just a prototype, a crowdfunding campaign will begin in February. Release date not specified.

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