5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors

Constantly keep the pressure under control can only afford inpatients and doctors. Everyone else will need their own home blood pressure monitor – especially if the family has elderly people or adolescents with VSD.

Cheap and accurate instruments can be bought on Amazon. And so that you do not have to spend time studying all the models and reviews, we have made a selection of the best Chinese devices for measuring blood pressure.

CONTECMED 08A – the most advanced device

CONTECMED 08A - the most advanced device

A rather dimensional electronic tonometer with a color display differs from other automatic models by high measurement accuracy and extreme information content. The SpO2 oximeter with a finger-pin sensor is built into the device – it allows you to simultaneously monitor the level of oxygen in the blood. The device can operate both from 4 AA batteries and from the network.


  • 3 user profiles – each designed for 100 entries;
  • Alarm triggering when the preset BP value is exceeded (the critical level can be set independently);
  • Notification of measurement errors;
  • Offline storage of settings during battery replacement;
  • An extra cuff for children is included;
  • It comes with software for tracking dynamics and reporting on a computer.


  • High cost

INPELANYU DZ0461-01 – precision mechanical blood pressure monitor

INPELANYU DZ0461-01 - precision mechanical blood pressure monitor

This device (or rather, a complete set for monitoring pressure) is suitable for physicians and everyone who needs the maximum accuracy of blood pressure measurements. In addition to the mechanical tonometer with a cuff, the kit includes a stethoscope of good quality and a case made of leatherette with a zipper.


  • Solid-body pressure gauge;
  • High accuracy of measurements;
  • A surprisingly good stethoscope is usually put in such sets that are cheaper;
  • The price is up to 1000 rubles.


  • Too long cuff – fits the full and middle arm, but on a thin shoulder, it’s normal not to tighten it.

ALPHAMED U80B – as a gift to elderly parents

ALPHAMED U80B - as a gift to elderly parents

This tonometer seems to have been specially created so that older people themselves can control their pressure. Everything has been done here for their convenience: a thinner and lighter case, a bright display with backlight, a loud signal and very large numbers. The device allows you to create two user profiles at once for saving the results separately.


  • Quickly measures pressure and immediately lowers the cuff so as not to disturb the blood flow in the arm;
  • It can work both from four batteries and through a USB cable (there is no charger in the kit, but can be taken from any phone);
  • Up to 90 recent blood pressure measurements are recorded in memory for each user with an indication of the date and time;
  • There is a heart rate monitor function.


  • The glossy plastic body quickly gets dirty.

ELERA YK-BPW1 – “youth” tonometer on the wrist

ELERA YK-BPW1 - "youth" tonometer on the wrist

The line of comfortable and moderately compact tonometers addressed to adolescents and young people allows you to quickly determine blood pressure indicators on your wrist (you don’t have to remove all clothes with sleeves). The model is available in 5 bright colors and has a sturdy case made of ABS plastic, as well as an automatic compressor that pumps air into the cuff and deflates it after the measurement.


  • The minimum error of 2-3 mm RT. Art. with proper measurements;
  • Two user profiles – 99 memory cells in each;
  • Protection against excessive pressure in the cuff;
  • Auto power off after a minute to save battery power;
  • Only 2 little batteries are enough for power supply (you need to buy separately – they are not included in the kit);
  • Low cost


  • Quickly puts batteries;
  • In people older than 45-50 years, the readings will already be inaccurate, but this is a feature of all carpal tonometers.

JUMPER JPD-500F – a convenient mini-tonometer for athletes

JUMPER JPD-500F - a convenient mini-tonometer for athletes

The compact sports tonometer-clothespin for measuring pressure on the finger is convenient to use when you have to control blood pressure several times during the day (for example, before and after training). The device itself has a color screen with adjustable brightness and runs on two pinky batteries.

All measurement data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the host phone. The tonometer is also controlled via a smartphone.


  • The mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android;
  • There is an oximeter function (a measurement of blood oxygen saturation);
  • The battery indicator on the screen;
  • Auto shut off after 10 seconds of inactivity;
  • A drawstring and hard carry case is already included.


  • The battery cover dangles a little in the grooves.

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