Smart washing machine LG AI DD

The life of every person consists of large and small choices that we make every day. To take an umbrella or not? What flavor of ice cream to choose? When buying a new washing machine, we also have many questions. What programs do we need? What type of laundry do we wash most often – outerwear, bedding, work clothes or thin clothes? Will built-in drying be required? Are there any allergy sufferers in the family?

The smart washing machine from LG Electronics addresses these issues. AI DD comes with AI support and next-generation direct drive. The device accurately determines the weight of the laundry, evaluates the softness of the fabric and automatically selects the optimal washing mode. This reduces the likelihood of tissue damage by 18%, prolonging the service life of clothing. The user can only load the laundry into the washing machine.

TurboWash 360 technology provides a complete wash cycle that takes just 39 minutes. The drum sprays jets of water and detergent in four different directions to better wash clothes. The Steam Plus function neutralizes up to 99.9% of allergens caused by dust or pet hair and smoothes up to 30% of wrinkles.

In addition, in a new line of “smart” washing machines with artificial intelligence support, LG engineers managed to increase the size of the inner drum by 32%, while maintaining the previous dimensions of the washing machines.

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