Google Home, Home Max and Home mini?

Google Home

Google Home is a line of intelligent speakers designed to be placed at home or in the office. They can play music, answer your questions and, with the necessary additional equipment, control part of the smart home system.

Google Home works using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), which is continuously improved and improved, so the experience of using Google Home today may be completely different from what they will have tomorrow.

3 different types of Google Home columns

Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. All three devices can work together and include:

  • Integrated voice control with Google Assistant. All devices have microphones and speakers.
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi designed to connect speakers to the Internet. Be careful, the ability to connect speakers to the Internet via Ethernet is missing.
  • Google Home comes with an AC adapter and a detachable cord — they do not run on battery.

Original Google Home model

The original Google Home speaker comes in white, but the decorative grille is removable and there is a choice of several colors to personalize. Google Home has the following dimensions: 14.27 cm tall, 9.63 cm in diameter and weighs 450 grams.



  • The main control of the device is through voice commands, but on the top there is a touch panel, touching which you can increase or decrease the volume, there is also a separate button to enable and disable the built-in microphones.
  • Around the upper edge of the speaker are two microphones that are always on, except when they are forcibly turned off. Thanks to them, you can continue to give commands to the column even when it plays music.
  • For the sound are the responsible dual two-inch active driver, and a two-inch passive subwoofer. There is support for making phone calls. Other devices cannot be connected to Google Home, however, the speaker can transmit sound to devices that support Chromecast.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini looks like a small flying saucer with a fabric top. It comes in white, but the woven piece separates and can be replaced with a different one with a different color. The size of the Google Home Mini is: 4.19 cm tall, 9.8 cm in diameter and weighs only about 170 grams.


  • The main commands are also given by voice, but the volume can be adjusted with the help of touches: if you touch the left side, the volume decreases, if you touch the right side, the volume increases.
  • There are built-in microphones in the speaker, which can also be completely turned off using the switch located at the base.
  • The Google Home Mini has a single speaker with a diameter of 4 cm, located under the fabric cover. It is directed downwards so that, reflecting from the base, the sound spreads around the speaker evenly in all directions.
  • Home Mini cannot be connected to other devices, however, it can transmit sound to gadgets with Chromecast support.

Google Home Max

Google-Home-Max price

Home Max is the largest column in the Google Home lineup, with the most features available. Also, due to the increased size, it became possible to embed more serious drivers that create a much more pleasant and adult sound.

  • Google Home Max comes in white, there is a removable protective grille, which can be replaced by another with different color design. Column dimensions: 18.8 cm in height, 33.53 cm in width and 15.24 cm in depth. The weight is very solid – 5.31 kg.
  • The volume level can be adjusted using voice commands, and using the touch panel, as in previous models.
  • There is a set of built-in microphones, by default they are always active, but they can be turned off using a separate button.
  • For sound reproduction, several drivers are used, the diameter of the low-frequency speakers is 11.43 cm, and the twitter twitter has a diameter of 1.78 cm.

What you can do with Google Home smart speakers

  • Combine up to three teams in one request
  • Ask complex queries
  • Listening to music
  • Phone calls
  • Get answers to questions
  • Google Broadcast
  • Family Link
  • Manage Google Chromecast
  • Manage your home


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