Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip – Price and Features

Xiaomi Yeelight Light strip Review

You can love or dislike the company Xiaomi, but in one, you can not refuse it for sure – Xiaomi gave us the opportunity to use a variety of gadgets for reasonable money. The company has several subsidiary brands, which, under the patronage of Xiaomi, create very interesting things: from sneakers to smart home systems. Today we want to introduce you to the Yeelight Lightstrip smart LED strip.

Contents of delivery

At first glance, Yeelight Lightstrip is a regular LED strip, but with some smart features. Included with this lamp, if you can call it that, a power supply unit and a Wi-Fi module with a built-in button are supplied. This, by the way, is the only way to interact with the lamp without a smartphone. It is good that there are always alternatives. The tape itself is two meters. But if it turns out that it is longer than necessary, then it can be cut in specially designated areas marked with a line.

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Connect and work

It is convenient that you do not need to collect anything. The tape is already connected to a special connector where the power supply unit is connected in turn. There is a sticky surface on the back of the tape, so the Lightstrip can be fixed almost anywhere.

To work with the lamp will need the application Yeelight and account Xiaomi, which you can immediately create. By the way, the application in Russian. It allows you to fully control the glowing ribbon. Turn on and off, choose any of the possible colors, set a schedule, choose between pre-installed scripts or create your own.

Smart light

you can bind the lamp to the weather. That is, the color will change depending on the weather outside. And if you still tie an alarm so that the Lightstrip automatically turns on every morning at a certain time, then you will always know by color what kind of weather is overboard. As for smart assistants, with the help of Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control the voice tapes.

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