Xiaomi Viomi Filter Kettle L1 Water Filter

Xiaomi Viomi Filter Kettle L1 water filter is clean and freshwater every day.

 When using the Viomi Filter Kettle, water is disinfected with ultraviolet rays, and the other 7 types of purifications will help reduce residual chlorine, scale, and various impurities. Such purification cannot be achieved with ordinary boiling water. In addition, this method of purification can also remove various odors and completely neutralize microbes, making the water clean, fresh and even sweet in taste.

Ultraviolet rays, even in sunlight, have disinfecting properties. To provide the user with the opportunity to enjoy clean drinking water, the water filter jug ​​has specially developed the UV disinfection function. Ultraviolet waves with a length of 253.7 nanometers are able to safely destroy microbial DNA without side effects. The duration of each disinfection is 2 minutes and has an efficiency of 99.99%.

The filter uses an economical ultraviolet disinfecting lamp, as well as a large, energy-intensive lithium battery built-in identical to those used in smartphones. The battery can be recharged, one charge is enough for 40 disinfection. MicroUSB connector is used for charging.

Why you should choose Xiaomi Viomi Filter Kettle L1 from all filters:

  • UV disinfection
  •   7 types of effective filtering
  •   Enlarged filter element
  •   Imported food materials

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