Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker Lite

Kitchen decoration will make life brighter

Modern design, compact body, saving space.

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Striking in its simplicity

The tile is controlled with a single knob with a button, as in the usual gas or electric stoves. Such control is more reliable than touch control, since it is not afraid of hot splashes and works in any position.

Powerful heater

The thicker thermal coil of the double-layered cascade design evenly distributes power, making the heating even more even for better cooking efficiency.

Induction Cooker Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker Lite

For fresh recipes

9-position LED-display power allows you to closely monitor the heat, to more accurately comply with the recipe.

Built-in convection

In the design of the tile, the channels for hot and cold air are separated from each other so that hot air does not enter the system again, increasing the load on it. A fan with a 7-blade impeller improves heat exchange efficiency and increases tile life.

Induction Cooker Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker Lite

Nutrition Notes

In order to avoid fire, do not use a power supply network other than an AC mains of 220 V. In order to avoid fire or electric shock, when disconnecting from the network, the cable should be held by the plug. Do not use the device by children. To avoid burns and other accidents, the device should be kept out of the reach of children. To avoid electrical shock, do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Please use a separate outlet with a rated current of at least 10 A.


It is allowed to take care of the device only after disconnecting the power plug and cooling the working surface. Do not immerse the device in water or sprayed. Wet washing of air intake or ventilation openings is not allowed. Do not allow water or foreign objects inside the device. Oil stains are recommended to be removed with a damp, soft cloth using an average detergent.

 Do not use bleach or cleaners with corrosive additives. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the air vents, and use a soft brush or a compact vacuum cleaner to remove dust. After cleaning the product, wipe it dry with a dry soft cloth. When not in use for a long time, turn off the power and protect the device against splashing.

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