Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (SDJQR02RR)

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a diligent and efficient housework assistant. Knows how to draw up maps, get directions and work on a schedule. It differs in small dimensions (diameter 35 cm, height 10 cm) and silent operation. Due to this, it is able to carry out cleaning in the most inaccessible places, while remaining invisible to the user.

A well-thought-out brush system ensures maximum cleaning efficiency, leaving no chance for trash. The sturdy bumper that protects the front panel guarantees maximum durability and equipment durability. The chassis is designed so that the robot can easily overcome small obstacles, such as carpets and wires.

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The model has a remote control function on a smartphone. The user can manage the cleaning of the house, being thousands of kilometers away. The Mi Home mobile application displays the current location of the robot, the number of meters cleared and the charge level.

Do not use Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner to clean wet surfaces!

Benefits of Xiaomi (Mijia) Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • 5200 mAh Li-ion battery. Gives a charge that lasts for 2.5 hours of continuous cleaning. This time is enough for the robot to clean out 250 square meters.
  • 12 space sensors. Scan the room for obstructions, walls, and debris. They help to avoid collisions and damage to furniture.
  • Zoned cleaning function. Allows the user to select areas for the most thorough and regular cleaning.
  • The function of building a route. Increases cleaning efficiency by creating an optimal trajectory (including the most difficult places).
  • Scheduled automatic cleaning function. Allows you to set the days of the week and hours in which the cleaning will be carried out. For example, you can configure Mi Robot so that it is cleaned only at night.

Features of Xiaomi (Mijia) Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Power consumption (W)


dock station
Battery type Li-ion
Building a room map

there is
Harvest Area Limiter

there is
Smartphone Control there is
Water/detergent tank capacity

Fine filter

there is
Battery Life (min) 150
Type of cleaning

Battery capacity (mAh) 5200
Type of food battery
Scheduled cleaning

there is
Remote control

there is
Display availability

The presence of side brushes

there is
Sensors and sensors

side IR sensor / differential height sensor / ultrasonic sensor
vendor code 7053
Guarantee 6 months

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