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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not even potential, but one hundred percent hit. There is no need to guess. More precisely, now it is called Mi Smart Band 4 and this is most likely the best thing you can buy today from wearable electronics. By the way, now the Mi Band can be safely called a full-fledged watch because there appeared a couple of new chips that you really looked forward to.
xiaomi mi band 4 box

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – what’s new?

The bracelet is now sold in a beautiful large package, which is not a shame to give. Although the dimensions of the package are absolutely not what you find inside. And there is the capsule itself, a rubber strap and a charger. Actually for the money that costs Mi Band 4 more to wait and do not have to. By the way, if you suddenly even hear about the Mi Band for the first time, then this is such a smart bracelet from Xiaomi whose main distinguishing feature is the capsule. That is, the bracelet itself is a plastic capsule inside which there are all the main sensors and elements. The capsule is convenient when changing straps, for the Mi Band they are sold quite a lot. In addition, the capsule will have to be removed from the bracelet to charge. Yes, to charge the Mi Band 4, you still need to remove it from the strap and this is not very convenient. But at the same time, the shape of the bracelet itself has not changed much, therefore, the straps from Mi Band 3 fit here perfectly. Here it is necessary to make a reservation that only rubber.

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xiaomi mi band 4 band

Externally, the bracelet is almost no different from the third generation. Unless the screen has become flat and protected by tempered glass, which has a 2.5D rounding. At the bottom of the screen, around notch for the touch button disappeared. Now it is simply indicated by a round icon. By the way, the round icon is only for the version without NFC. In China, you can buy a bracelet with NFC support and there the button is indicated by a slightly different icon in the form of a horseshoe. This, by the way, is the only external difference. By assembly and design, the bracelet is simple but neat and very high quality.

New color OLED screen!

xiaomi mi band 4 display
The first thing you probably want to buy this bracelet with is the new color OLED display. The screen is very bright and this makes it easy to read the information in direct sunlight. In the application settings, you can activate the item “Night Mode” and then the bracelet will automatically reduce the brightness in the dark, so you do not do it manually. The screen size is slightly less than one inch, and the resolution is 120 by 240 pixels. This is enough to make the information readable and clear enough. But you must understand that the screen sizes still do not allow you to quickly read notifications. For example, while driving or while riding a bicycle, the text of the message is very difficult to parse because of the too-small font. And by the way, with the update of the application, the official Russian language and support for normal fonts appeared. Now everything is beautiful and clear.

Music management!

xiaomi mi band 4 music
Another new feature that brings this bracelet closer in functionality to a full-fledged smartwatch is music control. The function that this bracelet looked forward to with great impatience. The management works with any application: Yandex Music, Deezer, Google Play, and even if you watch YouTube or video on any site. Volume, switching tracks, Play-Pause all this works fine on both iPhone and Android smartphones. In fact, there are only one claim to the player – very small controls. Xiaomi could well make the interface larger. But in the basket, the player’s quick call is conveniently implemented. It is enough to swipe to the right or left of the main screen and you are in music control mode.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Price – Check it Now

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xiaomi mi band 4 training
The third point is training. There are several types of possible activities at once: running, treadmill, walking, cycling, swimming and activities in the gym. The bracelet receives location data from the smartphone because Mi Band 4 itself does not have a built-in GPS sensor. Walking and the number of steps is considered more or less correct, but in the case of walking and in the case of swimming, the bracelet is prone to minor inaccuracies. However, the task of Mi Band 4 is not to make you a professional athlete, but simply to provide certain incentives for you to start moving. Any workout is stopped by long-pressing the Home button, and all data is uploaded to the application on the smartphone. It’s interesting that we didn’t succeed in viewing the cycling report, the application crashes and you can see the exact data only on the bracelet itself immediately after the training field.

Weather and other functionality

xiaomi mi band 4 weather
The next menu item is Weather. Everything is simple and clear here, the weather today, and if you scroll down, then another four days. By the way, you can exit any application either by swiping to the left or by pressing the “Home” touch button. The next menu item is Notifications. It shows all the latest pushes that flew to the smartphone. Well, the last point is additional applications. Such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, Do Not Disturb mode, timer, Find Smartphone, by the way, works well. Well, here are the settings where you can change the dial. By default, there are only three, but there are about forty more in the application on the smartphone. And also there is the ability to change the screen brightness and standard things, such as reboot and reset. This is essentially all the functionality of Mi Band 4, not a lot, but there is everything that is needed.

NFC, autonomy, and assistant

Xiaomi Mi band 4 charger
The bracelet has two versions with and without NFC. The NFC version was created exclusively for the Chinese market and there is no point in buying it. Firstly, there will be no Russian language out of the box. Secondly, such a bracelet is more expensive, and thirdly, for us, it is of little use. Mi Pay payments, which Xiaomi plans to launch in Russia, will not work on NFC. At least for now. about very important issue is autonomy. The screen size in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has grown, as well as its brightness, but the battery capacity has grown to 135 mAh.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Price – Check it Now

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