Xiaomi JIMMY JV51 portable vacuum cleaner Review

Xiaomi JIMMY JV51

This time, in my review, the Xiaomi JIMMY JV51 is an ergonomic wireless vacuum cleaner with high suction power. The device comes with different types of nozzles for different surfaces, and the new rotating turbo brush effectively collects animal hair.

Of course, this is not the only wireless vacuum cleaner on the market, and also not the cheapest. There are more budget models, for example, Puppy WP536, so I believe that Jimmy JV51 should have better performance. Is it so? Let’s find out.

Specifications of Xiaomi JIMMY JV51

Xiaomi JIMMY JV51: Specs
Water Tank Capacity: 500ml
Noise: 75dB
Battery: 54Wh
Operating time: 45 minutes

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Contents of delivery

Along with Xiaomi JIMMY JV51, the package includes a charger, battery, power adapter, metal connecting tube, wall mount, and user manual.

Here we also get 3 additional brushes: standard for collecting hair or wool, flat for cleaning in hard-to-reach places and a brush for collecting dust mites from bed linen or furniture. This is great news for those who suffer from allergies.

Design and construction

The portable vacuum cleaner Xiaomi JIMMY JV51 consists of a handle, over which the engine is located, a battery, a filter, and a dust collector. It can be used both with an extension tube and in a short form factor. Thanks to this design, it is convenient to clean any surfaces: floors, furniture, and even curtains.

For the main brush, there is also provided a special insert, which is great for cleaning carpets. The ends of the tubes and the main brush are additionally rubberized, which ensures perfect sealing.

The main brush of the JV51 is equipped with a built-in drive that rotates the roller during operation. It also has an automatic LED light, which illuminates dark places and helps to clean them more efficiently. By removing the turbo brush, we get a typical flat suction tube that can be removed in narrow spaces.


Another interesting feature of Xiaomi JIMMY JV51 is a proprietary application. The device is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. After connecting, in the application you can find all the necessary information, for example, how much charge remains in the battery or the state of the filter. Sometimes problems arise because the filters are not cleaned or replaced at the right time.

In addition, you can see what area you cleaned for how long, how much electricity is required for work and what is the quality of air in the places used. All of these statistics will help in planning your daily routine.

Power Xiaomi JIMMY JV51

Now let’s talk about the most important thing – suction power. Xiaomi JIMMY JV51 is much more powerful than many other wireless vacuum cleaners on the market. The difference lies not only in the engine power but also in the suction power, which reaches 18,500 Pa. For example, the same Puppy WP536 has only 6 360 Pa. The difference is huge! Even in standard mode, the JV51’s suction power is sufficient to absorb dust and other small debris.

Using JIMMY JV51, you can clean small and narrow spaces in the closet with a special brush. In our busy world, sometimes there is no time even for lunch, so many usually eat at the computer. Thus, the crumbs that fall into the narrow holes of the keyboard and can damage the periphery or laptop. By installing the turbo mode and using a special brush for narrow spaces, you can easily clean the keyboard.

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