Xiaomi crowdfunding umbrella

Xiaomi crowdfunding umbrella Review

The Chinese techno gigant released its first umbrella back in 2017, after which a whole range of umbrellas from the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform was presented. Today, the company is pleased to present another novelty, which has become a feature of the firmness in front of a strong wind – Xiaomi Empty Valley Automatic Umbrella.

The new waterproof umbrella has an automatic opening and folding system, consisting of three basic states, it is not difficult to use the device with one hand. Moreover, the process of opening the umbrella is smooth, without sharp shots and killed.

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Under the dome of the umbrella can accommodate two people – with comfort and everything you need for easy conversations in the rain. The radius of the dome is 58.5 centimeters, and the height of the handle is 62 centimeters.

But, if you suddenly decide to wear the Xiaomi Empty Valley Automatic Umbrella with you, it is best to fold the umbrella, because then the dimensions are quite funny: the length is 32 centimeters, and the diameter is 5.8 centimeters.

If you’re not funny, then you thought about something not about that. But we will continue to talk about the umbrella, its weight is not small – as much as 412 grams, this is explained by the materials of high density of which the umbrella is made. Thanks to the latter, the device is opposed to rain, strong wind and even ultraviolet rays from the sun, which will surely shine on you after the rain ends, and the clouds disperse.

Everything is cool, but how much does this product of the Chinese corporation of good cost? Just nothing: 49 yuan or a little more than 7 US dollars. How do you like the news? Do you like the rain: write your comments!

Diameter unfolded 102 centimeters
Handle height 62 centimeters
Folded umbrella length 32 centimeters
Diameter when folded 5.8 centimeters
Weight 412 grams
Xiaomi love in this umbrella priceless


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