VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses with Joystick

Virtual reality glasses are a device through which you can immerse yourself in the virtual world while creating a visual and acoustic effect of presence.  One of the most optimal models in terms of functionality, convenience and price today is the VR BOX 2 model. Check its further detail I hope you like it.

Device features:

Watching movies in any 3D format.


VR games on a smartphone. To do this, insert the gadget into virtual reality glasses. Do not be afraid that the device is not suitable for this purpose, because VR BOX can be used on models whose screen size varies from 4 inches to 6 inches. The type of operating system is completely irrelevant. Support for demanding games such as GTA Vice City, Minecraft, Mortal Combat 4, Shadowgun, Dead Space, Final Fantasy, Fifa 15, Mass Effect, Need For Speed ​​Shift, Real Racing 3 and other equally popular games. The developer guarantees a complete immersion in the world of your favorite 3D-games.

  • Connecting the device to a personal computer to immerse yourself in the 3D world via a Wi-Fi network.

View videos in diorama and panorama format (180 and 360 degrees, respectively). Such videos will allow you to visit an unusual, but interesting role, for example, you can feel like a rider or go to the helm of a military aircraft. View high-precision 3D scans of real people.

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Aspherical lenses and their adjustment

You can look into the lenses for people with absolutely any vision, you can even wear a helmet while wearing glasses, but they should not be large and all over the face. There are two sliders in the design, one allows you to adjust the range of the lenses, and the second is the lens distance. Thus, you will not feel discomfort.

  • This model of virtual glasses uses aspherical lenses – they eliminate image distortion.

  •  Features of VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses

    Manufacturer OEM
    Dimensions 195x105x135 mm
    Wireless interfaces

    there is
    Type of connection

    Compatible Device Models Universal
    Compatible platforms

    Android smartphones / iOS smartphones
    Key Features – Personal virtual cinema for watching movies and videos in 2D and 3D, with the effect of full presence- Adjustment of the lenses in two planes (focal length: diopters to “-6” and the distance between the eyes: 58 mm – 72 mm)

    – Unusually suitable for use with smartphones from 4 to 6 inches, including Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, Note, iPhone 6+ and Nexus 6 (the maximum length and width of phones is 83x163mm). The mount design allows you to easily mount a smartphone of different sizes. The most comfortable video viewing will be when using smartphones with a screen diagonal of 5.5-6 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels

    – Adjustable headband girth. The size of the device can be adjusted not only for an adult but also for a child

    – Parallel overlays, soft mounts, and a lightweight helmet will allow you to use glasses for a long time without fatigue

    – Holes on the case to cool the smartphone and prevent fogging of the lenses

    – Glasses also have openings for the output of the headphone cord or charger (Power Bank, AC adapter)

    Contents of delivery Virtual Reality Glasses VR Box 2
    Bluetooth Joystick
    vendor code 2354

    VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses Price

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