SYMA Z3 Review – Crazy Quad-copter at a Budget Price

Design and construction

The design of the new quadrocopter SYMA Z3 has received many changes compared to the previous model X5C. Now the features have become more rounded, and the landing “legs” are much shorter, for greater stability during a hard landing. The propeller fasteners are also securely protected by chrome plugs from dirt and dust.

The battery with a capacity of 850 mAh is inserted into the compartment located on the back of the SYMA case. There are no wires here, the battery is simply inserted inside until it clicks. Unlike other models in the X5 series, the activation button is located on top here, which is more convenient. Slightly higher, the company logo is printed on the case.

720p camera

SYMA Z3 is equipped with a camera that can shoot video with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels at 15 frames per second. There is also a Wi-Fi module for wireless communication with a smartphone in FPV mode, where you can view the picture in real time, but with a slight delay.

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SYMA Z3 Modes and features

Drone SYMA Z3 can work in two modes: fast and slow. The first significantly increases the thrust of UAV engines, but adversely affects maneuverability. High-speed flights will definitely appeal to experienced pilots, but for beginners the slower option is preferable.

In this mode, the drone responds well to commands given from the control panel and smoothly changes its location, following the instructions as precisely as possible. There is also an auto-hang function, and the built-in accelerometer performs the role of a sensor. In addition, Z3 can fly on a route built on a smartphone.

SYMA Z3 Quad-copter specifications

Communication Range 80 m
Max. flight altitude 25 m
Gyroscope 6 axis
Battery 850 mAh
Max. flight Time 80 Minutes
Camera Resolution 720p
Control Remote control and through the application via Wi-Fi
Dimension 32 × 32 × 5 cm
Weight 67g
Price $117


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