Steadicam Volt – Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphones

Steadicam Volt Review

A beginner, a Kickstarter pet and our third best option is not a fully automatic stabilizing system for the phone, this is a system for students. Steadicam Volt comes with a price tag of $ 200 ($ 12,000). The initial calibration process takes time and some skills.

Here you need to accurately position the smartphone to get the correct stabilization, so each time you press the Steadicam Volt, there is a slight adjustment, as with each video playback on the phone. Volt offers excellent stabilization quality, has a simple mechanical design and up to 8 hours of battery life. However, it usually requires both hands to work, there are no automatic controls, and in windy weather, it simply will not work.

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  • Excellent stabilization
  • Simple mechanical design
  • Does not require special applications to work


  • The first setup and calibration are difficult, time-consuming
  • No joystick or automatic motion control
  • It takes two hands to stabilize properly
  • Difficult to use in windy weather
  • High price Counterweights are tiny, easy to lose

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