Smart Kettle – Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

An integral part of every smart home is a smart kettle. Xiaomi company understands this and releases Mi Smart Kettle. The design of the device is strictly minimalist and resembles a new gadget from Apple. The white case is made of food-grade polypropylene and only the aluminum bezel is located in the upper part. Due to this, the device can fit into the interior of any kitchen.

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Features of Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

Functional Mi Smart Kettle cannot be called innovative, but it meets all modern requirements. The 1800 W heating element heats the water in five minutes. This action can be performed either by pressing a button on the kettle itself or by using an application on a smartphone, which includes all the capabilities of a smart device. Here the user can choose the appropriate temperature for different types of tea or set a schedule according to which the kettle will work.


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