Samsung Gear Sport Review

Samsung did not release a new generation of Gear S watches and instead introduced the Samsung Gear Sport watch at IFA 2017. It’s immediately clear from the name that smartwatches should become a sports accessory. But how good is the Gear Sport for sports? Will they be able to settle down on the hand of a person who has nothing to do with physical activity? Are they better than last year’s Gear S3? All this in more detail in our review of Samsung Gear Sport.

samsung gear sport


Externally, the Samsung Gear Sport looks good. Probably the most important feature of their design is compactness. If you compare them with the Gear S3, then the novelty looks much more elegant. For people with a thin wrist and a small hand, the watch is definitely suitable. Continuity is also traced here.

Samsung Gear Sport

The watch strap is silicone. For a sports accessory, creating leather straps is stupid enough, because in training this material is not the most practical. But even with everyday wear, the silicone does not cause discomfort and looks like a thoughtful part of the watch. But if you still want to replace it, then there is such an opportunity – the width of the strap is standard, 20 mm.

Samsung Gear Sport


Compactness is good. But what if the size was chosen in favor of some characteristics? After all, no one better than Samsung knows how much you can get burned in the pursuit of millimeters in design. Glory to the gods of fire – everything is in order here. We believe that the rejection of LTE does not in any way degrade the benefits of the Gear Sport, given the positioning of the device. In fact, this is the only feature that the company “sacrificed”. The rest of the picture with the following characteristics:

  • Display: Super AMOLED with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels and a diagonal of 1.2 inches, covered with Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Processor: dual-core with a frequency of 1.0 GHz.
  • Memory: 4 GB of internal and 768 MB of operational.
  • Battery: 300 mAh.
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, heart rate sensor, light sensor.
  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, GPS / Glonass, NFC.
  • Protection against water: at a depth of up to 50 meters.

samsung gear sport

This whole list looks very well worthy and puts Gear Sport in the position of a device that is more than relevant today. It may seem that 300 mAh is not enough for a day, but the watch works confidently for 2.5-3 days. Although Samsung is talking about 4 days of work. The lion’s share of energy is consumed by the GPS module. When it is on, the charge is enough for 14 hours. In any case, the indicators are excellent.

What is the matter with sports?

For sports, the watch is definitely charged! Water-resistant housing allows swimmers to use them. For swimming, there is even a separate application – Speedo On. This, incidentally, is one of the few large communities of amateurs and professionals in the discipline of swimming. In addition to Speedo, the watch works with applications such as Under Armor Record, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, and Endomondo. And with the purchase of Gear Sport Samsung gives 12 months a premium subscription in these applications.

Samsung Gear Sport

Returning to the sensors, it should be noted that the clock reads the heart rate continuously. The accelerometer can automatically detect activity and thanks to it, the clock at the right time can remind you to warm up. There is even a small animation that demonstrates what exercises are worth doing for this. The watch fully justifies its sports name.

Samsung Gear Sport

And what about everyday life?

If for some strange reason, the sport turned out to be somewhere far away on the priority list for you, then the watch will also be suitable for use as a smart accessory. The strap can be replaced with a more classic one, the dial can be changed to a more strict one.

samsung gear sport


It may seem that the watch is just perfect. In many ways, this is true. Basel is almost the best solution on the market for managing watches. Only the crown of the Apple Watch can compete with him. Tizen OS 3.0 – an understandable OS with its own chips. It is really possible to engage in sports in them, and even wear them, like basic everyday watches, too. But even with all this feeling after using Samsung Gear Sport, it remains twofold.

samsung gear sport

Secondly, Tizen is comfortable but still limited. If you are a part of communities not created by Under Armor, you will have to give them up and get used to UA in order to do sports in the watch. Others are not put here for some reason. The application store is not the richest and paid much more than free. And the price is not necessarily a quality factor. There are not many dials here, and most are very similar. Unless it is worth choosing from the original ones from Samsung.

samsung gear sport

However, Gear Sport deserves to be bought and used. Many will find attractiveness and usefulness in them and will be pleased that the world has moved forward and offered such a huge selection of smartwatches.

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