LG OLED TV E8 Review – Price and Specs


The task of an electronic equipment journalist is to help the reader make a purchase decision. LG OLED TV E8 has set an extremely difficult task. He offers everything that a good TV has to offer. In fact, even more, than you expect. This is a great product. A reasonable purchase, however, will be for very few people.

More specific for those who have a very specific idea for the decor of the living room. And they are ready to go for functional limitations by paying a significant amount to realize their vision.

Benefits of LG Display OLED Panels

LCD TVs cannot display a deep black color anywhere on the screen, the shades can only be dark gray. This is due to the fact that behind the pixels of the matrix there is a much higher illumination than the pixels themselves.

On OLED TVs, each pixel glows individually with its own light. This means that two pixels in close proximity can display white and black (or any other color) in the realistic color reproduction mode. Thus, we get a perfect contrast, conventionally called infinite, and high color accuracy.

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Good for sports broadcasts and game consoles

The LG OLED TV E8 also offers a 120-hour image update and HFR content (high frame rate, 120 frames per second). Although this type of content is largely absent in the market, the opportunity is worth noting – after all, we buy a television for years. And since we are talking about FPS, it is worth mentioning about the game mode.

I have nothing to complain about – the delay in entering games is invisible. Consoles and other external devices can be connected to one of the four HDMI ports. Three of them are located on the side edge of the rear case (one supports ARC), the fourth is located behind the other connectors. In addition, the E8 has three USB connectors (including one on the side panel), Ethernet, a CI card slot, an optical output, and a headphone jack. The TV also connects to a Wi-Fi network, even 802.11ac

LG OLED TV as a monitor

In appearance, the control system webOS 4.0 this TV is almost no different from previous versions. This is one of the most convenient operating systems Smart TV, it is aesthetic, understandable, easy to use, and in the app store, you will find all the basic VoD and music services.

Separate menus in this TV are conveniently and intuitively understood, everything works in the blink of an eye, the main screen of the system is clear and minimalist. This is one of the leading smart TV platforms on the market, which is a model for most competitors. However, in the latest version of webOS, there are additions.


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