Jf 3110 – Best Tripod Stand For Mobiles and Camera

Jf 3110 Tripod Stand Review

Jf 3110 tripod stand it is the best tripod stand for mobiles by this tripod stand you can easily shoot video anywhere without any problem. This tripod stands it is specially designed for mobile you can easily attach your mobile on this and shoot video.

Jf 3110 tripod stand contains many features and specifications such as it is made with aluminum and its weight is 240 gram by its low weight you can easily carry. And its color is silver on the top of this tripod stand mobile holder is available and its made with good quality plastic and you can also remove it from the tripod. One handle is also available on this tripod which helps you a lot to shoot the best video by this handle you can easily rotate your mobile and so on.


The total height of this tripod stand is 1020mm and small locks present on his three legs when you open tripod stand according to your need you can fix at any position by its locks. And water level function is also available on this tripod which tells you this place is plane or not.

Features of Jf 3110 Tripod Stand

  • 3 section tripod with three legs, stable and safe
  • One handle to move mobile and camera for smooth shooting
  • Rotate the tripod head pan according to your need
  • Lightweight, you can easily carry anywhere
  • Locks available on each leg open according to your need and lock
  • Anti-rust and waterproof
  • Made by high-quality aluminum alloy

Jf 3110 Unboxing And Review

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