Infrared non-contact thermometer DM 300

Non-contact infrared thermometer DM 300 Designed to measure body temperature and objects. Often used to determine the temperature in children, food, milk, water, etc. The principle of operation is based on infrared radiation of objects. Two modes of operation: body and objects. In the “body” mode, finer thermometer measurements, range from 32 to 42.5 ° C with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 ° C.

In the “objects” mode, the range of the detected temperature is from 0 to 100 ° C with an accuracy of +/- 2 ° C. Correction for temperature inertness: for example, if you came home from a cold, for some time the readings of the thermometer will be slightly lower.

Also, different people have different skin types, for this, the F3 function has been added, the thermometer can show the temperature with an error, if you have smeared with cream or did not wipe the water after a shower – do not forget about this before using the thermometer.

Thermometer control:
(by holding the SET button, you can navigate through the four points of the F functions):

– F1 – at this point, with the plus and minus buttons you can switch the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale;
– F2 – here there is a plus and minus to the default value of 38 ° C in increments of 0.1 ° C, we can add and reduce the temperature at which the thermometer will generate an alarm;
– F3 – it is possible to correct the thermometer from 0 to 3 ° C in increments of 0.8 ° C if there is any doubt in the readings;
– F4 – allows you to mute the sound of the thermometer.

Features and Specifications

Country of Origin China
Manufacturer Vakind
Type of infrared
Measurement time (s) 0.5
Waterproof there is
Sound signal there is
Contactless there is
Auto power off there is
Measurement memory there is
The number of measurements in memory 32
Minimum body temperature (° C) 32
Maximum body temperature (° C) 42.5
The minimum temperature for objects (° C) 0
The maximum temperature for objects (° C) one hundred
Temperature measurement of surrounding objects there is

Important Specifications

– Body measurement range: 32 – 42.5 ° C, +/- 0.2 ° C;
– Measurement range of objects: 0 – 100 ° C, +/- 2 ° C;
– Operating temperature: 5 – 40 ° C;
– Distance to the surface: 5-15cm;
– Memory for 32 measurements;
– Power: 2 AA AA batteries;
– Automatic shutdown after 10 seconds;
– Weight without batteries: 125g;
– The Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are switched.

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