GSM alarm DG-04 with door and motion sensor

The ability to remotely control everything that happens in the country, when you are in the city, appeared with the spread of mobile communications. Thanks to it, information collection technologies have arisen that are widely used in GSM security alarm systems for the home.

This, in turn, leads to turning on the siren and sending SMS to the indicated phone numbers about the emergency situation at the guarded facility.

  • Low cost of both the system itself and its installation
  • No need to connect to a fixed telephone network
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Lack of cables affecting the aesthetics of the room
  • The difference between such an alarm is the ability to independently choose the location for its installation. At the same time, there is always the opportunity to save on the cost of installation work – by doing it yourself. Everyone can cope with this task.
  • When at least one of them is triggered, a call or SMS message is sent to the specified mobile phone number. The central device allows the connection of a large number of sensors.
  • It is worth noting that the system can work with both wired and wireless sensors simultaneously.
  • Power to alarm devices can be supplied from the power supply network, and in case of failures in its operation, they switch to the built-in battery. He is able to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system for 12 hours.

Technical features:

  • Works with any GSM SIM card;
  • Scheduled installation and removal of alarms;
  • The device is programmed using a phone call, SMS messages or through applications for Android and iOS;
  • Using a telephone (mobile phone) for remote monitoring and arming, disarming, monitoring, remote notification functions;
  • Ability to independently program the text of SMS alerts;
  • Compatible with most sensors and remote controls.

features of GSM alarm system DG-04

Color White
Manufacturer no name
Operating Temperature Range (° C) from -30 to +50
Key Features The system is easy to install and use.
Connect up to 150 wireless sensors. It supports 120 wireless and 2 wired zones.
It is controlled using the remote control (included), a phone call and SMS commands. The
ability to control using the application for Android and iOS.
Works with the SIM card of any mobile operator.
Touch keyboard for programming and control.
SOS button, allowing you to send a message about the need for help
Contents of delivery GSM alarm system
Power supply unit
Wireless motion sensor
Wireless window or door opener
Remote control key fob (2 pcs)
Siren 110 dB
Instruction manual
vendor code 2380
Guarantee 3 month

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