Floor fan Xiaomi Mi Mijia DC Inverter

The Xiaomi Mi Mijia DC Inverter floor fan is the perfect fan for your smart home. You can control this device without getting up from the couch. All that is needed is to install a proprietary application on a smartphone. Using the extension, you can set the fan run time, set the speed and angle of rotation. By the way, Xiaomi Mi Mijia DC Inverter technology simulates the natural blow of the wind. Like him, the fan also changes the direction and intensity of the airflow.

Xiaomi branded products are always a combination of stylish design, advanced solutions, practicality, and affordable cost. Mi Mijia DC Inverter fully meets all these criteria. The fan is as comfortable as possible at home, compact and practical. It will delight even the most demanding and picky users.

Benefits of Xiaomi Mi Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan

  • Remote control (from a smartphone). Optimum fit into the ecosystem of the “smart home”.
  • The maximum noise level is 29 dB. It is practically not noticed by the human ear and does not interfere with a comfortable rest.   

Wide range of speeds. It allows you to set the rotation mode of the blades from very weak to extremely fast.

Features of Floor Fan Xiaomi Mi Mijia DC Inverter

Manufacturer Xiaomi
vendor code 10769

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