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Xioami Mijia Electric Shaver Black MJTXD01SKS

The Mijia Electric Shaver is a classic rotary razor from Xiaomi. But Xiaomi would not be Xiaomi if it had not equipped the model with a number of interesting chips.

The body of the product is covered with a special layer on which no fingerprints remain. The device has a lock against accidental switching and a special indicator of head contamination. For operation, Mijia Electric Shaver does not require a network connection, since it is equipped with its own battery.

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Xioami Mijia Electric Shaver Black MJTXD01SKS – Price

Using Mijia Electric Shaver, shaving becomes a quick and pleasant procedure that does not cause you any discomfort.

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The benefits of the Mijia Electric Shaver

  • High capacity battery. One charge is enough for 30 bristle removal procedures.
  • Three floating heads. Perfectly adapted to the individual face relief.
  • Double knife made of Japanese steel. Provides quick and efficient bristle removal in one pass.
  • Several speed modes. You can choose the appropriate intensity based on your tasks: for example, shaving two-day, three-day or weekly bristles
  • IPX7 waterproof class. Suitable for wet shaving. Rinsing the device under the tap is allowed.

Mijia Electric Shaver Black MJTXD01SKS Features

Manufacturer Xiaomi
vendor code 12735
A country China

Mijia Electric Shaver Black MJTXD01SKS – Price

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