Corsair Dark Core SE – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Dark Core SE

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE – in my ranking the first really successful mouse of the Americans. The one that I can recommend to readers. You only need to fulfill two conditions. First: you must be right-handed. Second: you must have medium or large hands. This is definitely not a mouse for tiny hands or short fingers.

Dark Core is a very wide and rather long mouse. Therefore, the hand in the palm-type position is the dominant grip. You do not have enough finger length to conduct effective fire with a more accurate grip with your fingertips. Well, at least I didn’t have enough. My hands are big and thick, so I love mice with big size and weight.

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PixArt 3367 sensor

PixArt 3367 is a less common optical sensor that is slightly different from 3366. The theoretical advantage of 3367 is the ability to change the DPI value to one point. In practice, I do not have the opportunity to see how big my own change is.

3367 gives a slightly blurred performance of 3366 at a very high resolution, those that no player or cyber sportsman will ever use. We are talking about values ​​above 10,000 DPI, useful only for professional graphic designers working on multiple monitors.

Three modes – wired, Bluetooth and WiFi

Of course, the most interesting is the 2.4 GHz connection with a refresh rate of 1000 Hz and a delay reduced to 1 ms. The wireless standard used by Corsair blurs the line between cable and lack of wires, but in 2019 there is nothing new or surprising. Modern gaming mice have long achieved the performance offered by the peripherals with a wire

Benefits of Corsair Dark Core SE

  • Great mouse for large and thick arms.
  • Surprisingly pleasant body coating.
  • Three modes of operation (cable, WiFi, Bluetooth).
  • Very accurate, calibrated sensor PixArt 3367.
  • Additional magnetic holder included.
  • Feels high-quality materials and workmanship.

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