Top 5 Headphones with Google Assistant support

Headphones with Google Assistant support

Amazon is doing everything it can to do with Alexa, Apple has a strong focus on Siri on each of its presentations, but what about Google? Google went the other way and began to work closely with some companies that produce, including headphones, to deeply integrate Google Assistant into their products.

1. Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony WH-1000XM3 – in general, some of the best headphones with active noise cancellation on the market, according to some sources, they work even more efficiently than the former Bose QC35 II king. But this is not about sound quality or noise reduction performance, but about the integration of Google Assistant.

Sony WH-1000XM3

In Sony, the voice assistant is not just built-in but integrated into a proprietary application, with which you can set different modes of operation for it and choose the method that will be most convenient for you to use it.

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Once again I want to remind you that this in itself is an excellent headset with good sound and high level of ergonomics, and as the cherry on the cake is a deep integration of the assistant from Google.

2. Bose QC 35 II

I have already mentioned this model above; these are direct competitors for the Sony WH-1000XM3 in terms of the effectiveness of noise reduction, however, they sound noticeably different. Not worse, not better, but otherwise, and here the choice depends only on you – what you like best is what you need to buy.

Bose QC 35 II

The model Bose QC 35 II of the Google Assistant is integrated well, but you have a choice. The fact is that in Bose there is a choice of an assistant from two options: from Google or from Amazon. Both assistants work well and depending on your preferences, you can make a choice in favor of one of the assistants.

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3. Sony WF-SP700N

These small headphones have no wires at all, they are completely wireless. This is one of the main advantages of this model, and they also have an active noise cancellation system, which makes them an excellent choice for trips around the city. This model is also deeply embedded assistant Google Assistant, and with the help of the application, you can choose a method that will be most convenient for you to work with it using headphones.

Sony-WF-SP700N price

I can also note the wide possibility of setting up both the noise mode and equalizer operation modes.

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And finally, I will mention support for the LDAC codec, which today is one of the best for wireless sound transmission. So, if you care: sound, compactness, ergonomics, and efficiency – your choice of Sony WF-SP700N.

4. Earin M-2

Headphones Earin M-2 can be called a work of art, they are unusual and stylish look. But this is not all, it’s not only business and not so much beauty as in special technologies that are used to achieve a better sound quality.

Earin_M-2_LK_9 price and specifications

To overcome this drawback, engineers used special antennas in Earin M-2 and a separate signal source that only works to transmit sound from one earphone to the second, and they are connected to the phone via regular Bluetooth. This technique greatly helped to increase the stability of the headphone connection, it is practically unbreakable. And, of course, the headphones have close integration with Google Assistant, otherwise, they would not fall into this selection.

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5. The JBL Everest 710GA

I think, at first glance, you have determined that they are a product of JBL. Designers did their best and were able to create a unique but at the same time fashionable and recognizable silhouette.

Most importantly – yes, they are perfectly able to work with Google Assistant, even without the need to install a proprietary application.

But that’s not all, The JBL Everest 710GA uses a very rare feature – transmitting sound to other wireless headphones. It works like this: you connect via Bluetooth The JBL Everest 710GA to the phone and listen to music, and the headphones themselves can be connected to other wireless headphones, and they will transmit what you hear to your friend. Thus, you can have one phone, two pairs of headphones and listen to the same thing. The function is rare, but I am sure it will be very useful to many.

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If you need a voice assistant, but you do not want to bother with installing additional applications, then The JBL Everest 710GA will be an excellent choice.






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