Harper HB-303 – Specs and Price

Harper HB-303 Review

The competition in the market of wireless headphones has led to the fact that even in the budget segment you need to stand out in order to be noticed. Thus, the hero of the review Harper HB-303 boasts not only an affordable price tag, but also protection from moisture. What else is hiding this sports headset? Let’s find out.

Technical characteristics of Harper HB-303

  • Emitter Type: Dynamic
  • Frequency range: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Wireless Protocols: HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Battery: Li-Pol, 100 mAh

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Packing and packaging

Inside the small cardboard box are headphones, a USB charging cable, three pairs of silicone tips, as well as an instruction manual and warranty card.

Harper HB-303

Appearance and control

The design of the headset is laconic and simple, there is no aggressive decor, typical of many sports accessories. The model is available in four colors: black, red, white and light gray.

Headphone housings are made of smooth plastic, and the handle is covered with rubber and bends easily. The materials themselves are as simple and durable as possible – all in order not to feel sorry for the headset during active use. For the same reason, the model is protected from moisture and sweat, which fans of workout will definitely appreciate.

Harper HB-303

In the back of the case there are magnets that hold the left and right headphones attached to each other.

The control buttons are focused on the left side of the handle on the back side. They all pleased with a clear and tight course, they accidentally will not work. Extreme responsible for the inclusion, start / pause and receive calls. Behind it are the volume keys, the tracks are switched by them. Next to them is a LED indicator.

Harper HB-303

The microphone hole is pushed up to capture the voice better. Bottom placed Micro-USB connector for charging.

Landing and insulation

Headphones are almost not felt in the ears and they are held securely in them, and the flexible handle with soft-touch coating comfortably covers the neck and does not cause discomfort even after several hours of wearing. Playing sports and running with such a headset is a pleasure.

Harper HB-303

Noise isolation is also excellent: headphone cases are free of compensating holes, which is why noise is cut off and does not interfere with listening to music even in the subway.


The device is equipped with a Bluetooth module version 4.2. The connection with the smartphone is stable, the “range” is declared up to 10 meters. You can easily leave the smartphone in the next room and continue to listen to music – the signal from this is not interrupted.

Harper HB-303

The headset notifies you of your condition with the help of a LED indicator and voice prompts in Russian. The latter simplify the interaction with the device, but in the case of low battery charge is too intrusive. At the same time, the headphones can still work for about 15 minutes, but due to constant alerts, listening to music becomes unrealistic – you have to charge your gadget.

Thanks to the multifunctional button on the left handle, it will be possible to accept and drop incoming calls. Built-in microphone copes well with its responsibilities, transmitting voice without interference.


The claimed operating time from one charge is four to five hours. With daily listening to music for one and a half to two hours at a volume of 50%, as well as thirty to forty minutes of conversations, the headset was discharged in the middle of the third day. Charging time from USB – about three hours.

Harper HB-303


To evaluate the sound, Honor 9 played the role of the source. The test playlist included compositions of different musical styles, from jazz to electronics, rap and hard rock.

The main focus is on low frequencies, which is why tonal balance cannot be called neutral. And the dominant in the low-frequency range is midbass, which gives the sound a lot and density. Especially bass headphones are at high volume, which may appeal to club music lovers and avid bassheads. By the way, the headphone volume reserve is also impressive.

However, it is unlikely that you will have to twist the volume to the maximum: a dedicated bass is great for quiet listening on the street and in the subway, not allowing the external low-frequency hum to drown out the music.

Harper HB-303

In addition to the number, bass also draw attention to themselves by long attenuation. Beats in the drum sound stretched, merging on fast and difficult parts. The situation with electronic bits is much better – in this version they “massage” not bad the eardrums with a deep and powerful bottom.

Mid and high frequencies are relegated to bass. This is partially compensated by lowering the volume, which muffles low frequencies in accordance with curves of equal volume . But even so, the vocals and most of the instruments lack expressiveness in acoustic genres, so the main element of headphones is electronic music. Also their bassiness fits in for different branches of rap and hip-hop, ranging from the “fathers” of NWA and ending with the modern cloud-rap BONES.


Harper HB-303 is one of the cheapest wireless headphones, but they have everything you need for sports and outdoor activities. Their convenience and protection from moisture will be useful both in the gym and on the street, and excellent noise isolation will allow you to listen to music in the subway.

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