Overview of Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

Beats is perhaps the most popular brand in the world of headphones. What are Beats, and how they look are known to many? But thanks to numerous reviews, it may be believed that Beats are headphones, to put it mildly, not comme il faut. Today we’ll figure out how good or not Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are.

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Design and ergonomics

You all know how Beats look. And Studio 3 also has a very recognizable design. The company has long found its own style and continues to use it. The design can be called successful, but it’s all individually. Headphones look and assembled not a shame.

The case is entirely made of plastic, and the headband and ear pads are made of eco-leather. Headphones are pretty tight. We can say that the landing is even hard. The head and ears very clearly feel the presence of headphones on themselves. For several hours in a row, you can’t blame them. At the same time, the earpads themselves are soft, they cover the entire ear as a whole, and even passive sound insulation here is very good.

Sound quality

Let’s talk about the main thing – the quality of sound. Let’s face it, it’s very amateurish here. These are quite ordinary earphones, without claims to any special and unique sound. Due to the fact that there is a noticeable cut in the upper frequencies, the headphones are as versatile as possible.

That is, Beats Studio 3 is a fighter for all occasions. And it really happened that you can listen to almost everything. But at the same time, listening to rock or instrumental music, it feels like all the instruments are falling into a mess. Apparently affected by excessive processing of sound.

Noise reduction

Of course, Beats are not just headphones, but active noise-canceling headphones. True, there is no advanced mode, as in the Sony 1000XM2, there are no smart features in the application. Noise reduction simply turns on or off. All.

The quality of noise reduction here is average and does not reach the level of Bose QC35 or Sony 1000XM2. If you want headphones only for noise reduction, it is better to choose Bose. If noise reduction is smart, Sony is better. And if this function is not important for you, then Beats will do fine. It should also be borne in mind that with the activation of noise reduction, the dense design of the headphones increases pressure on the head and ears even more. So once again we repeat that it’s better to try expensive headphones in the store.

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