Apple AirPods second generation Price and Features

Apple AirPods

A few weeks ago, Apple showed off its new wireless headphones. The name and appearance did not change – it is all familiar to Apple AirPods. Probably, the logic was this: why wise something, if users have long been accustomed to a similar form and landing device in the auricle. And I fully agree with that. Pay attention to any other in-ear headphones – for many years they have not changed.

Apple AirPods second generation price

The filling of the gadget also did not receive a global upgrade. However, it became known that AirPods 2 was equipped with a new chip called H1 (Apple 343S00289), an audio codec (Apple 338S00420) and a case with wireless charging. Yes, here you can joke about AirPower.


Appearance and usability

I will not talk about the design of the headphones, which were shown back in 2016 along with the iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2 since during this time many different materials have appeared on the theme of Apple’s “ears”. I can only say one thing: AirPods are the most recognizable wireless headphones.


And again, after reading various articles on the Web, I began to imagine that the AirPods would sound like penny tweeters from name phones. At least, this is how some observers describe the sound: well, a very bad sound, not worthy of its money, the red price is 5,000 rubles.

Apple AirPods second generation features

  • Volume. Very high. Higher than Meizu POP and Samsung Galaxy Buds. Probably made just this in view of the use of design features headphones. Still, they are liners. In the subway, of course, you have to increase the volume to the maximum, if you want to hear the melody as a whole and not just pieces of musical instruments. I had enough and 80% of the volume. In a minibus or bus, 50-60% of the volume is enough. Using AirPods as a headset, it is still advisable to unscrew the volume up to 100%.
  • The sound quality in headset mode. Since Meizu POP, as I wrote earlier, I use as the main ones, I can say that they transmit speech just fine. With Apple AirPods, the other person hears you quietly, the noise is suppressed by digital processing (there are additional microphones in the headphones), and this is noticeable by the barely audible gurgle. However, intelligibility is high.

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