Sony WI-1000X Headphone Review

Design of Sony WI-1000X

Headphones Sony WI-1000X is an in-channel wi-fi mannequin in the form factor “collar”. Control electronics, batteries and manipulate buttons are placed on the rim, headphones are additionally attached to it.

Headphone case

The headphone case is partly made of metal, partly of plastic. It has a instead large size, surpassing most of the competing models in this parameter, however, we should bear in mind that the Sony WI-1000X headphones with lively noise cancellation. The case has a massive measurement due to the truth that it has built-in 2 microphones, which are used to analyze the sounds surrounding the listener, that is, for the fine operation of the noise cancellation. 2 mainly tuned microphones are capable to seize and drown out a wider range of noises, making the Sony WI-1000X one of the most high-quality noise suppressors handy on the market today.

Sony WI-1000X Headphone

Sound quality when playing music

After a long listening to headphones, I got here to the conclusion that they sound very attractive, though no longer a reference.
First of all I choose to word that even with the equalizer grew to become off in the associate application, the headphones extraordinarily accentuate bass and treble. Not much, but noticeable. So we get a classic V-shaped sound.


In the regular case, there is nothing bad in it, on the contrary, the music starts to sound brighter and extra dynamic, however for those who want to get a balanced and absolutely trustworthy sound, you will have to seem for every other model. This feed can’t be completely corrected even with guide equalizer setting.

In the sound of the Sony WI-1000X, association handwriting is in reality audible, you can sense a effective but neat bass response, which, in aggregate with even mid frequencies and high frequencies rising above them, creates a pleasant, comfortable and targeted sound.

Sony WI-1000X Headphone price
Sony WI-1000X Headphone price

Remember that the quality playback first-rate with a wi-fi connection can solely be completed with the LDAC or aptX HD codec active. When the usage of aptX or SBC codecs, the excellent will be worse, however nonetheless enough to now not worry too much about this.

Headphones flawlessly convey the stress and dynamics of sound in combination with top detailing and detailing thanks to the hybrid driver system. The impact of energetic noise cancellation on the sound satisfactory is minimal, it is almost inaudible. I particularly appreciated how the headphones cope with current electronic music, it sounds great.

Musical compositions recorded live are additionally first-class to pay attention to, there are no serious complaints. In general, I can conclude that headphones are outstanding for listening to music on the way with lively noise cancellation, they are not likely to disappoint you. But if you want to get a balanced neutral sound to pay attention at domestic in entire silence, you possibly continue your search.


The Sony WI-1000X headphones made a fantastic impact on me, they turned out to be very cosy with each day use and nice in sound. The only drawback is associated with a alternatively superb time required to completely charge the built-in battery – up to three hours.
The Sony WI-1000X lively noise cancellation gadget is one of the most effective among all in-ear headphones, it works very well, and with the assist of a proprietary application, you can flexibly regulate its overall performance to match your needs.

I endorse Sony WI-1000X headphones for those who are looking for in-channel headphones with accurate battery life, an positive lively noise canceling device and accurate sound quality.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Quality materials
  • Excellent construct quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Effective energetic noise cancellation system
  • Multifunctional company application
  • Supports all high quality audio codecs: aptX, aptX HD and LDAC
  • Stable wireless connection
  • Wired connectivity with lively noise cancellation system


  • Long charging time – up to 3 hours

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