Sony MDR-AS800BT Price, Features and Review

Design of Sony MDR-AS800BT

The long lasting cushion physique with a button and stable lining of cords, angled nozzles and sturdy fingers – all this is captivating to the eye, but it seems quite cumbersome. Nevertheless, the AS800BT is flawlessly fixed on the ears, not only through durable arches, but also due to the one-of-a-kind structure of the acoustic channel. In addition, the layout makes it viable to fasten the headphones each at once on the neck and in the back of the ears, which makes it possible now not to worry that they can fall out.

The mannequin additionally has water-proof properties, the MDR-AS800BT is not at all afraid of moisture. The format is made in a futuristic style in three colors: white, black and blue. AS800BT does no longer want cables and connectors for connection – it is adequate to have the protected gadget with Bluetooth support. AS800BT are outfitted with a battery that lasts extra than four hours of continuous operation. In general, on this side, the Sony MDR-AS800BT show stable blessings and convincingly prove that they deserve their price.


The sound quality of Sony MDR-AS800BT

It would be naive to count on powerful deep and wealthy bass from wireless plugs, it is no longer here. However, the relaxation of the sound shows fine stability and clarity of the center and top, it is helpful for liners.


The apparent flaw with a single button negatively affected the convenience and fantastic of the headphones. In this case, the relaxation of the device suggests itself perfectly.


  • convenient and reliable location
  • quality materials
  • moisture resistance
  • lack of wires
  • pleasant sound of center and excessive frequencies


  • lack of bass
  • inconvenient management
  • periodically lose contact with the participant or smartphone

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