Sony MDR-1AM2 Headphone Review


The package deal includes:

  • Headphones
  • Removable cable with balanced connection type
  • Detachable cable with a traditional 3.5 mm jack and one-button manage panel
  • A bag


Sony MDR-1AM2 are common enormous headphones, I did not find any different technological hints in the production of the case.

Headphone bowls

Headphone cups at first glance usually look, however, their layout has some interesting features.

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The first thing that catches your eye is their small size. Usually, when you take full-sized headphones in your hands, you are getting ready for the reality that the bowls, like the ear cushions, will totally cover the ear, however in the case of the Sony MDR-1AM2 this is no longer quite the case. The structure of the cushions and bowls are chosen in such a way that only the section of the auricle that is a long way away from the head, i.e. its back, where the earlobe is.

Unusual feeling, typical headphones cowl the entire ear. And in the first minutes of listening it looks that this is an unfortunate decision, because the ears will shortly get tired. But, to my surprise, you get used to it very quickly, and it does now not reason any inconvenience. Moreover, with such a design, the headphones do no longer seem ridiculous and you can stroll in the avenue besides being afraid to seem to be ridiculous

Sound quality when playing music

The first factor you hear when you put on the headphones is a signature handwriting, only Sony and no other headphones sound like that. The sound is soft, in the first couple of tens of minutes it even appears that it is slightly dim and inexpressive. But that’s all the Sony headphones I’ve heard. And this is a deceptive impression. It is adequate to pay attention to the headphones a little longer, and you will start catching your self at the idea of what you started to hear in your favorite songs, so hackneyed to holes, that used to elude your attention.

Then comes the perception that the dull sound seemed due to the fact you used to listen to too embellished headphone sound, and in contrast to this, Sony did now not sound so bright, but your ears are already used, and now you recognize that this is how your preferred songs sound : honestly, in detail and honestly beautiful.


The Sony MDR-1AM2 headphones impressed me pleasantly, they are perfectly assembled, sound good and comfortable enough to listen to music for many hours in a row without discomfort.

Once again, I note that, in my opinion, this model was created for mobile use, hence the relatively compact size, and landing feature, and only 16 Ohms of its own resistance. And in this role, they are probably among the best in their class. Of course, they can be used at home, but they reveal their full potential outdoors.

If you are looking for compact full-size headphones with a serious sound and versatility, I recommend to look at the Sony MDR-1AM2, perhaps they will become your favorites.


  • One of the smallest full-size headphones
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality and nice appearance
  • Good passive sound insulation
  • Detachable cable


  • The microphone on the bundled cable is not loud enough for universal use

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