Samsung Galaxy Buds – Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds perfectly complement the modern flagship Galaxy S10 with not only style but also quality. Whether you are a casual buyer or a fan of wireless headphones, Buds are a great choice, with a few downsides.

Galaxy Buds were free for those who pre-ordered the flagship phones Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +, however, this does not prevent us from using them with the iPhone or any other smartphone on the Android OS . Headphones support the AAC codec, which in combination with iOS provides excellent sound quality.

Impressions of using Galaxy Buds

Headphones are entirely made of plastic, which provides them with good reliability, incredible lightness and low profile, allowing you not to speak beyond the auricle when listening, as many competitors do.


On the outside there are triangular touch panels, the sensitivity of which is sufficient for quick movements, they read well, almost no errors occur.

Two microphones are built into each of the headphones, one of which provides voice recording, while the other listens to the surrounding noise and helps filter it from the voice. This technology looks beautiful in theory, but not many seek to translate it into reality. Samsung succeeded, Buds headphones effectively muffle the surrounding noise for your interlocutor. The only thing with which they can not cope – the wind on the street. If you talk from a cafe or other noisy places, the volume of the surrounding noise will be noticeably lower than the voice.

Galaxy buds for sports

Headphones are great for sports . Protection against sweat IPX2 ensures that the sweat does not damage the functionality of the headphones, however, in the pouring rain I do not recommend listening to music. During the exercise, headphones reliably hold in their ears , they do not have to be corrected. The touch panels work well even if the hands are dirty and sweaty, of course, after such a rough treatment, Buds need to be wiped so that they remain beautiful and clean.a

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Battery life

Battery life is the main difference between the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Gear Icon X. Testing has shown that headphones can play music for 6 hours and 32 minutes without charging. The battery case is able to give an additional about 7 hours of headphones.

Supports fast charging, just 15 minutes in the case will give the headphones the opportunity to work for almost 2 hours in a row. Charging is done using a USB-C cable or wireless.

Wireless connection

Galaxy Buds are equipped with a modern Bluetooth 5 module that provides a reliable connection to the phone. There is no support for apt codecs , but there is support for AAC and Samsung’s proprietary codec. If you own an iOS gadget, choosing the AAC codec is best for you. The worst sound quality will be received by users of Android smartphones other than Samsung.

Owners of Samsung phones with Android OS 7 and higher get the opportunity to use their own codec, which is technically similar to apt X Adaptive , it also constantly varies the bit-rate of the encoded signal depending on the amount of electromagnetic interference that surrounds you and the complexity of the music. During testing, the headphones installed the R170XXU0ASC4 firmware and I cannot say that they worked perfectly .

Inside the premises, the stability of the signal remained good, there was no stuttering or interference, but they periodically appeared on the street. I attribute this to the fact that there is much more interference on the street and the headphones do not always cope with them correctly. I hope that the new firmware will fix this annoying flaw.

Samsung Galaxy Buds sound quality

The sound quality was tested together with the Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone with an active proprietary codec. It’s amazing how smooth the frequency response graph of these headphones. Yes, the drivers were customized at AKG, but after all, these headphones are intended for a mass audience that has always been more supportive of reinforced bass than an even and honest sound.

It is possible to note a small peak at 1 kHz, but it is small, and in comparison with most competing headphones, it is insignificant at all. Headphone noise isolation is good, it effectively copes with a decrease in the level of ambient noise, you can even ride the subway in headphones, although you have to add a little volume.


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