Huawei P Smart 2019 Specifications and Price in Pakistan

Huawei P Smart 2019 Review


The previous generation of this smartphone has become a real hit. Huawei decided to develop the P Smart idea further, giving it a bright appearance. The glossy back case with gradient, drop-shaped notch and a good set of characteristics. The smartphone in this blue color looks very impressive, but this medal has a reverse side.


And the second is Micro USB. In 2019, this port is infinitely obsolete, so there can be no excuses for it here. However, since Huawei is trying to differentiate its devices, giving a reason to buy a more expensive smartphone. The ergonomics of a smartphone is such that it differs little from most similar devices. And the power button and volume rocker on the left side, at the top end of the hybrid slot, will have to choose between a second SIM card or a memory card. By the way, the internal memory can be either 32 or 64 GB, depending on the version


Screen 6.2 inches. The smartphone is not small, but in the hand is already familiar. Below the screen, there is a rather thick frame, which is popularly called the chin. But it is still smaller than most even more expensive devices. On top of the screen is a cut-out under the front. It has a clear semicircular shape, which is why it is more striking than smooth drop-shaped forms


The same can be said about performance. Suppose there are only 3 GB of RAM, but the smartphone is very smart and when working with the system it causes an exceptionally pleasant feeling. Two factors played here: a good optimization of the system and a Kirin 710 processor. Of course, it should be noted that the P Smart 2019 works on Android 9, which also partly played its role. The smartphone is very responsive, there is no hint of thoughtfulness, and in this regard it is good.


The P Smart 2019 has a dual camera module. Main 13 megapixel with f / 1.8 aperture and auxiliary 2-megapixel for determining the frame depth. It is quite predictable that during the day you can squeeze out very decent frames from a smartphone. Good detail and sharpness in good light you provided. Portraits, of course, is not the end of this smartphone. In bright light, you can get something more or less intelligible. But in general, it is better to shoot people without blurring the background. With a decrease in the amount of light from a smartphone, it is more difficult to squeeze sharp shots, and at night the pictures turn into blurry ones with a strong overhaul. In manual mode, you can achieve much better results, but it is in manual mode. Selfies camera is not bad, but again with the proper light. In poorly lit rooms or at night self-portraits are of very average quality. In terms of photos, A smartphone may not be the best, but not the worst. The usual tasks for him, but the video is not exactly the strength of the P Smart 2019. The maximum quality is Full HD at 60 frames per second. The main problem, besides the video quality itself, is autofocus. It works far from the best way and removes, something intelligible is quite difficult. And there is no stabilization.

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