Headphones review DUNU DK-3001


Headphone packaging is medium in size, made of thick and difficult cardboard with a hinged lid. A paper dirt cowl with a vivid however elegant print and technical specifications is put on top of the package.


Surprisingly, the entire set of DUN headphones, which is extensively acknowledged solely in a slim circle of fans of awesome sound, can effortlessly pass any widely marketed manufacturer by way of the range of additional accessories, judge for yourself:

  • Headphones;
  • Removable cable;
  • Balanced cable;
  • Plastic case for storing and transporting headphones;
  • A set of silicone ear stops (anchors) four sizes;
  • A set of conventional silicone ear cushions in 4 sizes;
  • A set of silicone ear cushions Spin Fit 4 sizes;
  • One pair of Comply ear cushions;
  • A set of extra silicone wrappers on the wire for ear hooks;
  • Clothespin for fastening wires to clothes;
  • Adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm jack;
  • Adapter for connecting headphones to the sound device of the aircraft.

Hybrid sound reproduction system

Most often, in-channel headphones use one dynamic driver, this approves you to make headphones universal, distinctly easy in format and create a sound acquainted to millions of potential listeners.


Production applied sciences and sketch of dynamic drivers are constantly improving, altering materials, form and design, but the principle of growing sound remains unchanged. This is each a plus and a minus.

However, this is not the solely possible solution. To attain a greater correct and deep sound transmission, engineers have created hybrid sound replica structures in the in-channel headphones shape factor. Dynamic and reinforcing drivers are used simultaneously. As a rule, the dynamic driver loses low frequencies and low medium ones; it succeeds very nicely due to the massive floor region of ​​the membrane, which creates air vibrations. A excellent dynamic driver is capable to create a very excessive sound pressure, so excessive that even at medium extent stages you will have a feeling of ear congestion from enjoying low-frequency sound.

DUNU DK-3001 review

The armature driver, with uncommon exceptions, is accountable for reproducing mid and high frequencies. Due to the layout features, the reinforcement driver is capable to reproduce medium and high-frequency sounds with a good deal increased speed and accuracy. But you need to be careful, there are a massive variety of less costly headphones with a hybrid sound gadget on the market that promise you amazingly clear and herbal sound, but these fashions use very affordable drivers, and instead of a clear sound you will get a razor sharp sound that at the slightest chance will be reduce off from your ear bit by using bit, while sounding like a round saw. The sound is very unpleasant, and there is no question of enjoying track in such headphones.

Fortunately, DUN DK-3001 headphones use 3 tremendous reinforcement drivers at once, which are very properly coordinated with each other, and we hear a soft, exceptional and very accurately transmitted sound.

DK-3001 have their very own personality of sounding, which manifests itself in a soft, delicate, however at the same time decisive replica of music. All the drivers are flawlessly coordinated, and the hearing is definitely unheard of dips in any frequencies or immoderate accents that make it challenging to experience the music. Although, of course, there is a sure emphasis on the headphones, however greater on that below.

DUNU DK-3001 sound quality when playing music

DUNU DK-3001 have a as an alternative complicated driver design: 3 rebar and 1 dynamic.Due to this, they evenly distribute the load between the drivers on the reproduced frequencies, due to which high purity of sound and stability are achieved. I favor to word that agreeing on 4 drivers is a non-trivial engineering task that solely the fine professionals can do. Surely, you either listened in person, or saw or study reviews of less expensive Chinese hybrid headphones, which for a very modest rate promise you an unsurpassed sound quality. So, in these models, the sound of frequencies that are at the junction of the distribution of obligations of drivers sound frankly bad, they both start to come to the fore, distorting past recognition, or, conversely, fail, and they are now not audible at all. For this reason, when testing hybrid headphones, I usually first of all pay attention to feasible frequency dips and strive to hear whether they are or not. It’s fantastic that while listening to the DK-3001 I did now not hear any such distortion.

DUNU DK-3001 price

Low frequency
Bass frequencies are performed off powerfully, deeply and with superb attention to detail. You can without problems hear now not only the bass, but also the texture of the sound, sense the vibration of the instrument. Of course, if it is a recording of a stay instrument, and not its electronic counterpart. For example, when listening to a recording of a double bass or drum game, if you shut your eyes, you can see how the stay musician performs the instrument and how it vibrates in his expert hands.

But I have to note that the bass has a speed of medium or slightly higher, no longer very biting and is ideal for dubbing the good sized majority of musical works. Perhaps only followers of fast, biting and extraordinarily textured bass headphones may additionally now not be suitable. For all people else, the bass will sound nearly perfect.

Mid frequencies
Midrange is the fad of the DK-3001. They sound transparent, very detailed and lively, whilst no longer dry, as in many other headphones with rebar drivers. The sound is natural, obvious and very wealthy in important points and nuances. If you like to hear to complex vocals, believe me, you will not pass over any shade or nuance in the voice. You will easily commence to find the distinction between normal and brilliant recording. By the way, the DK-3001 is just those headphones in which it makes experience to pay attention to actual Hi-Res Audio recordings, you will actually hear the difference.

High frequencies
The high frequencies of the DK-3001 are very lively, particular and clean. At the equal time I did not be aware a sturdy accent or protrusion of this range, it plays precisely as wanted to make the sound of any tune extra airy, transparent, however no longer ample to divert your interest from the principal melody. The sound is balanced, while I did now not notice any distortion or abuse.


Headphones DUNU DK-3001 instantly rivet interest to yourself, you can rarely forget about them. Unusual appearance, exceptional sound and wealthy equipment – this is what distinguishes this mannequin from competitors.

This mannequin is the modern-day flagship of the company, so they symbolize a benchmark, the pinnacle of the cutting-edge capabilities of DUNU engineers. And, I ought to note, these guys have tried their best, the sound in the headphones is excellent.

DUNU DK-3001 features

If you take out a small curiosity with ease of use (in my case), the headphones turned out to be pleasant, I advocate them for buy if you have a brilliant sound supply and CD-level or higher track recordings. Of course, you can pay attention to mp3 track in the DK-3001, they will play it beautifully, however is it really worth shopping for flagship hybrid headphones for this?


  1. Excellent sound quality;
  2. Rich package;
  3. Balanced interchangeable cable as standard;
  4. Excellent matching four drivers;
  5. Replaceable cable


Before buying, you need to attempt on, some people might also no longer be suitable because of the complex structure of the body.



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