Focal Listen Wireless Headphones Review, Price And Specifications

Design of Focal Listen Headphone

Focal Listen Wireless Headphones is made in the common shape factor of great headphones: a sliding headband to which the cups are attached.


Focal Listen Wireless Headphones cups are made of plastic, and they also have a complicated structure. The scarf is attached to the center of the bowls with a spherical joint, which allows, though in a small range, to adjust their inclination in any direction.
The facet components and part of the outer floor are made of glossy plastic, which, in accordance to Focal, is resistant to scratches. The recessed central section is made of matte plastic.

On the right bowl, around the circumference, on the facet surface, there are 6 mechanical buttons for controlling the operation of the headphones, a mechanical swap and a microUSB port for charging.

Focal Listen Wireless Headphones

6 buttons are covered with a rubberized pad that permits you to control the headphones with wet or dirty palms without concern of unfavorable them.

The buttons permit you to regulate the volume, flip on the pairing mode with the phone, as nicely as completely manage the tune player.

Ear cushions of Focal Listen Headphone

Headphone cushions are rather thick – 22 mm; inside, memory foam material that reacts to physique warmness and below its influence turns into tender and pliable. Put on the headphones and wait a few minutes, the foam will heat up and take the form of your head, therefore developing now not solely most comfort, but additionally very true sound insulation due to its comfortable in shape and its personal properties.
The ear cushion completely bends around the auricle, the ears are now not pressed down, consequently the maximum listening comfort. But there is no headroom for internal space, so if your ears are large than mine, you will no longer be so comfortable, due to the fact The ear cushion will press down section of the earlobe. Before buying, I suggest attempting on headphones and making certain that they suit you perfectly.

Focal Listen Wireless Headphones review


The headset has 2 omni-directional microphones. The exceptional of their work is normal, the interlocutor will hear you well. But I can no longer say that the voice is transmitted perfectly, as it is described on the reliable website, at least at some point of the test calls, all the interlocutors mentioned that they understood perfectly the sound that I was speaking using headphones or a headset. And though in regular they heard me well, they cited that every now and then they had to strain their ears in order to apprehend what I used to be pronouncing if there used to be some loud noise subsequent to me. Perhaps it was once the flaws of the microphone noise reduction.


Sound quality when playing music

I evaluated the sound of the Focal Listen Wireless headphones when linked wirelessly with the aptX active codec.
Generally speaking, the headphones sounded soft, pleasant, with excessive details. Focal’s company identity is felt in the attention to mid frequencies, they sound clean, and they center of attention on them. This is no longer a gain, but an accent. The music begins to sound a little brighter, extra detailed. When listening to well-known songs, you can hear the small print that were hiding from you up to this point. The point is no longer that your historical headphones could now not reproduce them, I am positive that they played them, but given that the emphasis on them was no longer made, they receded into the historical past and you did now not pay sufficient attention to them.


Focal Listen Wireless wi-fi headphones are positioned by way of the employer as the nice model for travelling and exploring the city. But this is solely phase of the truth, in general, I propose to use these headphones whenever feasible wi-fi connection. Even if it is not possible to use the aptX codec, the fashionable SBC codec sounds good.
Headphones have top ergonomics, lengthy battery existence and a satisfactory look. Remember that clamping cups to the head, to obtain outstanding sound insulation, is stronger than the common extensive headphones, if this parameter is fundamental for you, I propose to try on headphones before buying.

Focal Listen Wireless Headphones features


  • Excellent sound quality;
  • Good ergonomics (provided that you do not have a very massive head);
  • Excellent passive insulation;
  • Long battery life (up to 20 hours);
  • Support for aptX codec;
  • Mechanical control buttons;
  • Confident sign reception at a distance of 15 meters.


  • Long charging time

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