TOP 10 best films of 2020

Fans of cool films with a fascinating plot will have something to go to the cinema in 2020. Or you can watch a movie at home by inviting a loved one or a group of friends.

If you are following with interest and excitement the latest in cinema, our TOP list will help you create your own wish list. So, what is better to watch in the evening after work and on weekends?

Avatar 2

Among the expected new products of the coming year, viewers are especially looking forward to the continuation of the Avatar. The first part since 2009 has collected a record amount of money for the rental. To remove the second part, James Cameron rented a special site for a period of 5 years. Filming takes place in Southern California and is a secret. The antagonist is the same murdered Miles Quaritch in this Avatar 2 movie.

“The best shooter 2 (Top gun)”

The second part of the film will be presented to the audience in June 2020. Details of the sequel are not yet known. It is not even known what the plot will be built on – at the events immediately after the end of “Topgun” or the film will be about the lives of the characters a few years later.

“Our children”

The Worldwide cinema also produced a number of interesting films. By the New Year 2020, namely on January 2, the premiere of the film “Our Children” will be released. The leading roles will be played by the country’s most famous actors: Mikhail Efremov, Oksana Akinshina, Vera Brezhneva. In the fairy-tale plot of the picture, two girls will meet: one from the orphanage, and the other from a wealthy family. The fates of the girls are intertwined, and the baby from a wealthy family will change places with her friend. This film has something to laugh at and something to think about.

Bond 25

The twenty-fifth film about the famous secret agent 007 tells that Bond decides to retire and get married, but his wife is killed. The agent avenges the death of a loved one. The premiere is expected by February 13, 2020.

“Ice 2”

The premiere of the film will be released on February 14, 2020. From the filming of the second part there are already the first frames. The first part gave the viewer an incredible storm of impressions, and the director became loved by the public. The plot of the film “Ice 2” remains classified, however, the creators promise that the second part will definitely not leave the audience indifferent!

Godzilla vs. King Kong

In the list of the most anticipated films of 2020, this film is one of the most anticipated. Gromilov is waiting for a fight, and all is the fault of people. Specialists of the “Monarch” go to uncharted outbacks to find out how giants appear in the world. The script of the famous Terry Rossio promises to be interesting in this movie Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Maleficent 2

Fans are waiting for the continuation of the story of the famous horned fairy. In 2020, moviegoers will follow a fascinating story: Princess Aurora from Maleficent to deal with Queen Ingrit. Walt Disney Company plans to collect, and this time a great jackpot!

Fast and the Furious 9

The popular franchise was continued in the ninth part of the picture. The creators still do not reveal the plot, but they say that no significant “rearrangements” in the characters and roles are expected. Due to the conflict with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson will probably star in the film.


Russian novelty, the premiere of which was appointed for 2020. It is dedicated to the Soviet famous football player. At the age of 20, he quickly won audience love, he had a great future, but one day changed his life. On the investigator’s table appeared a statement on Streltsov for rape. How will the footballer live? Will he be able to overcome the vicissitudes of fate? Viewers can learn about all this from the film “Sagittarius”.

“Jungle Cruise”

The plot of the film is as follows: brother and sister travel through the Amazon jungle. Their goal was to find a tree with unique properties. They hired a ship, and along the way they meet a German expedition, various obstacles and wild animals. The picture has already been shot, and its debut was planned for 2019, however, the creators postponed the release date to 2020.

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