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Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual – Specs and Price

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

When closer to the summer of thought are carried away to active rest, it becomes clear: there is no place for a glamorous smart phone in a tent, kayak or waistband. Here you need a hardy and unpretentious push-button cell phone, which will withstand a fall on the stones and immersion in water, and tenaciously grab a signal from a distant tower. 

There is no shortage of such gadgets, but not everyone can work in the 400-470 MHz band as a PTT radio. Protected Ginzzu R62 can, and its twin brother R2 Dual is equipped with a LED flashlight instead of an antenna. Well, let’s watch the devices in their natural habitat.

Technical characteristics of Ginzzu R2 Dual

  • Screen: TFT 2.2 “, 144×176
  • Memory card support: microSDHC
  • Communications: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • SIM: SIM + micro-SIM
  • Wireless Interfaces: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Cameras: 1.3 MP
  • Battery: 1700 mAh
  • Dimensions: 122x52x22 mm
  • Weight: 165 grams

Technical characteristics of the radio Ginzzu R62

  • Operating frequency range: 400-470 MHz
  • Communication range: 2 km
  • Receive / transmit frequency spacing: supported
  • Transmit Power Adjustment: High / Low
  • CTCSS coding: 0-38
  • SQ: 0-8


The gadgets that have been tested are similar to the twin brothers – the differences lie only inside, or rather, in the presence of the radio in the R62 model, and in the flashlight of the R2 Dual.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

To the best of it, the brutal phone cases are generously wrapped up in elastic damping pads around the perimeter, and each screw actually serves as a fixing element, without a hint of sham lining. The front part is visually divided into two blocks: a keyboard and a screen recessed under protective plexiglass. Above the display is still a small block of conversational dynamics, and below it, in the center of the gadget, the brand logo.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

The keyboard is made of smooth matte plastic and is very convenient even when used in thin gloves. The central navigation key with a relief notch, and the call reception / reject keys are combined with the function keys in two swings. The digital block with island-type buttons is pleasant when dialing blindly and pleases the eye with a uniform backlight of a milky color. In the frame under the keys masked microphone.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

On the sides of the case are mounting screws and buttons. On the right – the volume control, I must say, uncomfortable. The transfer key (for the radio) on the left side, on the contrary, is very convenient. At the top there is either an antenna jack (on the R62 model) or an LED flashlight (on the R2D), and in the center of each is the strap eyelet. Bottom dense plug micro-USB connectors and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

The back of the case is studded with various inscriptions on the contrasting orange inserts, and the unit of the megapixel camera is slightly recessed under the dampers. The cover is fixed with two screws along the upper contour.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

Under the 1700 mAh battery, there are two slots for mini and micro SIM cards, plus a microSDHC memory card tray with a capacity of up to 32 GB. An interesting feature of the design is a sealing gasket along the contour of the compartment, which is pressed down by the inner contour on a removable lid.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual


It is pleasant to hold a heavy dense case with elastic damping inserts in your hand, without feeling discomfort when dialing a number. By the standards of classic mobile phones, the R62 and R2D are quite large, but in the era of smartphones with six-inch screens, you do not pay attention to this.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual

There is no way to find fault with the strength of the case, the device easily transfers drops from one and a half meters to the asphalt, and when squeezed in the hands it does not emit the slightest creak. Otherwise, there are only two complaints: the plug of the connectors must be pressed with excessive force, and the volume keys require no less persistence to press.

Wireless connection

Both devices have two slots for mini and micro SIM cards, but the phone itself can work only in 2.5G networks, each time offering a choice of card to make a call and send an SMS. There is support for Bluetooth 2.0, which is useful for connecting a headset and file transfer.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual


Strong and thoroughly protected Ginzzu R62 and R2 Dual allow you to safely take any of these phones with you on a mountain hike, on a bike ride through the woods or to conquer the virgin quad. Devices are not afraid of water and dirt, they find it difficult to break the screen, and with the R62 model you can maintain radio contact with the group members in the radio mode. For the price of an amateur radio, a very nice option for anyone who needs an off-road mobile phone without any Instagram and social networks.

Ginzzu R62 / R2 Dual



  • high-grade walkie-talkie (R62)
  • FM radio without wires;
  • screw housing assembly;
  • loud speakers.


  • no support for 3G networks;
  • weak vibration motor;
  • dim screen.

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