Gaming Chair DXRacer Formula OH / FE08 / NB (Blue)

Fans of car simulators will surely like the DXRacer Formula gaming chair – after all, it repeats the shape of a seat in a rally sports car. This makes it not only stylish but also comfortable. In it, a gamer can completely relax his back muscles and focus on events in the virtual world.

  • Maximum reliability. The chair is built on a frame of metal pipes and equipped with a durable aluminum cross. Thanks to this, it can withstand loads of up to 120 kilograms without damage and deformation. Its upholstery uses a high-quality eco-leather that retains an aesthetic appearance for a long time.
  • Individual setting. The gamer can adapt the chair to his height and weight. To do this, just use the swing mechanism, a gas lift, as well as a system for adjusting the height of the armrests. The back of the chair reclines at an angle of up to 170 degrees and is fixed in any position. This allows you to relax in between intense online battles.
  • Additional accessories. The package includes pillows for the neck and lower back. When installed, the gamer can relax and choose the most convenient body position in order to concentrate on winning the game.


Manufacturer Dxacer
Upholstery Material faux leather
Maximum load (kg) 120
Cross Material metal

Technical Specifications


Upholstery Material
faux leather
Maximum load (kg)
Cross Material
Armrest adjustment

Seat and back

Seat height adjustment
gas lift
Swing mechanism
top gun


Weight, kg)




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