Which is the best smartphone to get in 2020?

Best smartphone to get in 2020

Smartphone manufacturers are preparing many surprises for users in 2020. New models will be even more powerful and functional!

Given the rapid development of the fifth-generation mobile Internet infrastructure, smartphone makers are not willing to lag behind and are switching to the release of smartphones with 5G support. Already today we can say what will be the powerful smartphones 2020.

1.Samsung Galaxy Fold

The flexible smartphone that fans of the famous brand have been waiting for for so long. The premium gadget, equipped with a 4.6-inch Infinity Flex display in the folded version and a massive 7.3-inch panel in the unfolded form, has 6 internal and external cameras. Given that the built-in memory is 512 GB, and RAM is 12 GB, this smartphone simply “flies” in multitasking mode.

2. Huawei Mate X

It features an 8-inch display in the expanded state, a module of three cameras with unique functionality and support for 5G-network. IT experts appreciated not only the appearance and stylish design of the smartphone, but also the maximum convenience for users.

Next year, the gap between us and the first-place company will be very small. Perhaps we will even come out with Samsung on the same level. In 2020, we will have the opportunity to lead the market. Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong.

3. Galaxy S10 +

Samsung’s ultimate Android smartphone and its versions Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + with modules with three main cameras installed on the rear panel are noteworthy.

Depending on the model, the amount of internal memory varies from 128 GB to 1 TB. And these smartphones are distinguished by a feature: the ability to recharge other mobile devices using the Samsung Wireless Power Share function.

4. LG G8 ThinQ5

Outwardly similar to its predecessor, the LG G8 ThinQ surprises with a camera ToF-sensor that allows the phone to measure the depth of the photographed scene and create a high-quality photo even in low light in low light conditions. A smart front camera is able to recognize the owner even by venous hand pattern. There are no speakers in the phone, as the sound is “emitted” by the OLED screen. This gadget can be called a bold experiment.

5. Motorola Moto G7

Based on the Snapdragon 632 chip with 4 gigabytes of RAM, it features high performance and a large 6.2-inch display.

Premiums to its appearance are added by the Gorilla Glass 3 cover framing the phone front and back. In 2020, Moto G7 Power and Moto G7 Play will join the Moto G7 model.

6. Nokia 9 PureView

Equipped with a camera with five lenses for simultaneous shooting and the ability to catch light 10 times larger, a 5.99-inch display, a Snapdragon 845 processor and a clean version of the Android 9.0 Pie OS.

Thanks to the firmware, you can refocus the image, adjust the depth of field on an already taken picture!

7. Sony Xperia 1

Phone with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a screen specially designed for watching movies. The screen can also be used to simultaneously launch two applications, dividing it in two.

The smartphone supports DolbyAtmos standard audio playback. Stylish, convenient, powerful smartphone will no doubt appeal to users.

8. New ZTE Axon 10 Pro

Powered by Qualcomm’s current Snapdragon 855 chipset, which includes the X50 modem. Recognition of scenes shot, motion capture, lighting control for portrait shooting provides a triple camera and wide functionality, tied to AI-algorithms.

9. OnePlus 7

The most frameless model from a galaxy of modern flagships with a front camera coming out of the case, due to which there is no stupid “hole” on the display.

10. Note 10

Given the technical characteristics, this gadget will become the top-end device among the company’s products with a Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825 processor (depending on the sales region), Adreno 640 GPU graphics, 12 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and a 4170 mAh battery.

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