Kitfort KT-1358 Stationary Blender Review

Kitfort KT-1358 Stationary Blender

Now in the market for kitchen appliances, there are a great many different blenders. Some of them are superior in power to an industrial rotary hammer, others can be hidden in a bag and carried with you in a fitness club. Each manufacturer is trying to make its device ideal for a specific target audience, and our main task is to determine the consumer for each device and help make the right choice.

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Manufacturer Kitfort
Model KT-1358
Type of stationary blender
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 2 years
Power 1250 watts
Number of speeds 2
Pulse mode there is
Blender Displacement 1,5 l
Blender Bowl Material glass
Blade material stainless steel
Body material plastic, stainless steel
Overload protection not specified
Control mechanical
Maximum Continuous Run Time 2 minutes
Maximum blade rotation speed 21,000 rpm ± 15%
Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions (W × H × D) 20.2 × 42.5 × 19.8 cm
Network cable length 1.2 m


Opening the box, inside we found:

  • instruction
  • warranty card
  • Magnet and advertising printing
  • blender assembly

From bumps and other transportation troubles, the blender is protected by only two cardboard inserts at the top and bottom, the other is missing.

Practice tests

We did not set ourselves the task of finding a product that our KT-1358 could not have dealt with precisely: it is clear that with its not too high power a piece of raw beef would not have flown into small mincemeat in a minute. In addition, the manufacturer does not say anything about protection against engine overheating. Therefore, we used a blender for tasks standard for most such devices, namely:

  • chopping tomatoes
  • making cocktails
  • chopping berries with sugar
  • making mashed potatoes

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