Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a mobile game by Bonus XP for all android devices released in 2014 and since then it is considered one of the top-ranked apps because of its unlimited unique and versatile features. 

It is an adventurous game full of action which takes place in Hawkins, Indiana. Here you will enjoy the era of 1948. Some heroes play different tasks and participate in the action. 

Here you will get the opportunity to visit Hawkins and its surroundings. Explore amazing places like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins lab. 

There Are different characters. Each with unique abilities. For example, Lucas creates adventures with his Wrist Rocket and Nancy has its bats to swing in time. 

In addition, collect all the Eggos and gnomes to unlock different items.

 Key features of the Stranger Things

Stranger Things is so unique in its graphics that you will like playing in the real field. Here you will find Retro 80s style and 2d OLD school mode with clear visuals. It gives the rich look of the old period with a realistic environment. 

   The game is not difficult to play as you understand its structure and pattern. Played one of the leading characters in Stranger things and directly lands in Hawkins. Mind flayer has created an army of possessed people to attack earth. Some of your friends will be already under army attack. So stay vigilant and save yourself from being attacked.

How to play the game?

  • In the beginning, each pl;ayer will be given a title through the card. so here you will find out whether you are a sane hero or possessed by Mind Flayer. 
  • Two teams will fight against each other. One is sane versus the other is possessed character.
  • As a sane character resist the attacks of a Mind flayer and as a possessed character tries to change all the Sane characters into the possessed ones. 
  • After completing tasks players will get coins as a reward to unlock different items. 
  • To survive in the game players have to make a team from different characters. Your characters might be attacked by opponents so be careful to save your team to win the game.  After completing one mission you will proceed to the second mission. 

Advantages of stranger things 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Different missions and dungeons
  • Rewards and coins
  • Download on all android devices
  • Realistic visuals


  • The game is so complicated that its Retro and 2D style might not be easy for everyone to tackle.

Tips to play Stranger Things 

Stranger things are so interesting and unique. Take one character and start playing exciting missions. You might get different rewards depending on the selected characters and their capabilities. Here you will find different tasks to complete the missions. There will be different obstacles so you need different tools like maps and gear to compete with enemies.

Use a map to collect different items so you will get coins in return to unlock different objects. Monsters will also appear so use lasers to attack the enemies when not killed by descent tools. Coins and tools are also important factors to level up your rank. Spend winning items efficiently to unlock all the items. Download the game now and enjoy the adventurous action world.

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