Itube APK

Itube APK is one of the best apps to watch youtube videos without using data. There is no need to download videos. Watch anywhere anytime without any charges. It caches information so you can watch videos without reloading. 

  One of the best features of the app is that you can watch your favorite videos without using the official app. Watch your movies and shows. Listen to music while opening other apps so it will keep you engaged without getting bored. 

If you are traveling somewhere and want to enjoy your journey, download Itube and have the best quality time. So play whatever you want at any time without leaving tabs open. 

Youtube helps to watch videos but you can use Itube to watch ad-free videos to avoid any kind of disturbance.

Itube Overview

Itube APK is one of the best background player apps for all android users. It is considered one of the top-ranked apps on the Google play store. Most people download the app to download and enjoy unlimited videos.

Most of the time it became difficult to download videos on android devices. So use Itube to download videos from youtube in high quality. 

  Now the world has changed. In comparison to the old times when the radio was a source of communication. Now smartphones, the internet, LEDs, and computers have brought a huge revolution. There are different apps like youtube blue and youtube pink that help to watch videos for free.  Sometimes in far-off places, it is impossible to have a stable internet connection. Here comes the need for Itube to watch videos without using data.

  In addition to the new pipe Itube also helps to watch videos when we don’t have an internet connection. Itube is a unique and versatile app as it works as a video downloader, media player, and blocker as well. 

  Play youtube downloaded videos in the background and chat with your friends and fellows at the same time. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. 

  Itube APK can not be downloaded from the Google play store because some of its copyright issues are against the policies of the Google play store so download the app directly from the official website of APK.

 Main features of the app

Save time

Itube will save you time while watching youtube videos in the background and using the device at the same time. So you will be able to work and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Quick downloading

Sometimes if the internet connection does not work then it becomes difficult to download videos. So use Itube to download videos without buffering.  

No need for an internet connection

Itube helps to download videos even without a strong internet connection. Download official videos on youtube to have the best entertaining time.

Battery saver

There is no need to worry about the battery draining as It takes the least amount of battery to download videos. 


Itube is simple and easy to use. If you are traveling to far-off places then use Itube for better and high-quality videos.

No ads

With the official Youtube app, you will get regular ads while watching videos. To enjoy the best video experience download Itube as it will provide you with ad-free Itube videos.

Simple and easy-to-use controls

Itube is simple and easy to use. Even beginners can use it with much more ease and confidence.

Inbuilt search option

Itube consists of inbuilt search options that will make it easy to find videos while with keywords to find videos easily and quickly.


Through Itube you can create playlists of your favorite videos so there is no need to search again and again.

Block notifications

Unlike other videos, it is not compulsory to receive notifications while using Itube. You can block notifications to enjoy videos without any disturbance. 

Free to download

Itube APK is free to download. Make sure to download it from the official website of APK otherwise it might be dangerous for your device.

Key features of Itube APK

  • Quick downloading
  • High-quality results
  • Screen Recorder
  • The best app to create instructional videos
  • Background videos
  • Create playlists
  • Simple and easy to use with the best audio and video resolution
  • Watch offline videos
  • Regular updates
  • Faster downloading
  • Record video downloads and download videos from other platforms like Facebook. 

All-in-one video downloader

Pause, resume and delete videos from downloading lists.

Copy the video link and download it without any problem.

No need for registration to use the app.

Download mul; tiple videos 

Share Itube APK with your family and friends and enjoy it free of cost. No need for advertisements.

How to use Itube APK?

  1. Find your favorite videos while searching in the search engine.
  2. Click on the song cover to download the videos.
  3. Click on the heart icon to add videos to your favorite playlists.
  4. In the watch tab, you can also watch offline videos.
  5. Select download videos to watch it and click on the shuffle button to watch videos in the shuffle mode.

The best app to watch offline videos 

Itube works amazingly to store cache information. Load videos again and again without using an internet connection. Download Itube Videos and listen to them while traveling to far-off places. 

You will not get disturbing ads and notifications while watching videos through Itube.

One of the best features of the app is that you can use Itube to download videos from different social media platforms. On Itube apk you will see an icon on the right side of the video to download it. You can use any format and size to download videos. 

How to install Itube APK on an android device?

One of the best features of the Itube APK is that it provides complete security to its users. There are the following simple steps to download the app.

  • Go to the settings and allow access to unknown sources.
  • Click on the button Wave in the download manager.
  • You will have two options installing an operating system and booting your device quickly. 
  • You will receive a popup notification.
  • Click on the open option for installing videos. 

Advantages of Itube APK

  • It is easy to download videos from any third-party website.
  • No need to wait for the review process to download the videos. 
  • After downloading you will have a cache file on your system. So reinstall it anytime without downloading. 


  • Downloading apps from a third-party website might be dangerous for your device as it is not checked by Google.
  • Apk files might take data from your device.
  • You will not get regular updates. 

We hope that you have got answers to all your questions. APK is completely safe and secures downloading videos. If you have any kind of questions then contact us in the comment section or email us. Download Itube APK now and enjoy amazing videos without wasting time.

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