Fruit Ninja Mod APK

Download Fruit Ninja on all android devices to have a wonderful gaming experience

Fruit Ninja Mod APK v.26.6.2 is easy to download. It can be downloaded on all android devices whether mobiles, computers, laptops and tablets. It provides different amazing characters with excellent skills to cut fruits. All the levels are unlocked. So you can start playing from any level according to your own choice.


As the name suggests Fruit Ninja revolves around cutting and slicing fruits with different skills. There are thousands of games available on the Google play store but Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2 is considered one of the top-ranked games. It was released in 2010 and since then we have received reviews from a lot of candidates who are satisfied with the features of the game. It was developed by an Australian-based video game company which is considered one of the best companies for designing video games. 

Estimated one billion users have installed this game all around the globe. More than 500 million users have installed this game on their android devices. So there is no need to install a separate application for playing Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2.

The basic story of Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2

In Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2 there is a team of misfits who are on a mission to save the world by becoming Fruit Ninjas. Players have to prove their skills to cut fruits. Players will be given sharp blades to cut fruits and they will get scores as a reward. 

Bonus points will be given if players will cut more than one fruit in a single shot. This feature is called combo and you can also use different fingers to cut and slice fruits.

Different styles to play the game

To keep the interest of users, Fruit Ninja is available in three amazing modes.

Classic mode

In classic mode, different kinds of fruits appear on the screen. Players will be given three lives to enjoy the gaming experience. Pomegranates and dragons will appear in this mode and you will not get bonus fruits.

Arcade mode

This is a unique mode of the game in which you will be given a limited time. In addition, you will get bonus bananas to score higher points. You will also get a chance to score double points through a combo pattern.

Zen mode 

In this mode, you will get one and a half hours to cut and slice a maximum number of fruits. Power packs will not be available in this mode so you have to use your fingers to slice fruits with efficiency.  One of the best options for this mode is that you will not get dragons and bombs that might create problems in fruit slicing.

Characteristics of Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2.   

  • Fruit Ninja is one of the best entertaining games. This modified version of the game is far better than the original version as all the levels are unlocked in this game.   
  • It is impossible to play a game without sharp blades. You will find different kinds of blades in Fruit Ninja Mod APK and all these blades are unlocked in this modified version. 
  • In the official version of the game, there are different kinds of characters. But all the characters are locked. You have to pay money to unlock the character of your own choice. Only one character is unlocked. In the modified version all the characters are unlocked. So you can play the game with characters of your own choice. 
  • Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2 is free of advertisements. Ads make the game monotonous and destroy interest. So enjoy ad-free Mod APK v26.6.2 free of cost.
  • In Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2 you will also find extra currency to buy different items.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

There are the following advantages and disadvantages of the game.


Fruit Ninja is easy to play. There are no violent scenes as it is suitable for all age groups. You can play this game with team-up matches as well as with your friends and colleagues.

Interesting and unique game

Fruit Ninja is unique and interesting because of its unlimited features. Its amazing features will completely engage the users.

Unlocked levels

The efficiency of any game depends on its controls. Fruit Ninja consists of effective blades to slice fruits. All the levels are unlocked so you can start playing from any level.


Poor graphics

One of the disadvantages of the game is it is not good in its graphics. You might feel bored while playing the game in continuity.

Monotonous sounds

Fruit Ninja does not include music which makes it less engaging. You might feel like you’re playing on the same track.

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