All in one HTTP custom

HTTP custom 3.7.23 can be downloaded on all android devices. It is a secure surfing internet using a tunnel VPN client with a custom HTTP request header.

Remember that VPNs can’t be disconnected directly. You have to turn on and off data to stop the VPN from working. 

Key features of HTTP custom 3.7.23

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to download 
  • Surfing is completely secure while using SSH and VPN
  • The VPN server is free to connect
  • A VPN connection can be shared while using Bluetooth and hotspot tethering
  • No need for root for connection
  • DSN charger is also available

HTTP custom makes it easy to access blocked websites. There is no need to worry about privacy issues as the HTTP custom app does not require any kind of personal information. 

Reasons for Choosing HTTP Custom

  • HTTP custom is one of the unique VPN servers that makes it easy to connect with more than one server at the same time. 
  • It provides secure surfing Custom HTTP headers.
  • It also supports server name indication.

HTTP custom access the following Categories of Aunty Device

  1. It requires access to the media such as photos and different files of the device. So allow HTTP custom to read and write coding. 
  2. Allow HTTP custom to read ISP card information to manage cell phones.
  3. Permit the HTTP customer to access the location of the device.

How to use HTTP Custom for Va PN Connection?

  • Power on HTTP custom for connection
  • Allow access to the device through Bluetooth Tethering
  • All the information for tethering will be displayed through a log
  • Connect HTTP custom to the Hotspot and manage proxy clients like log information for successful connection of the VPN to the server.

Note: if you are using an android device then the setting will be displayed on the top of the screen but if you are using a desktop device then use proxies to set the type proxy as HTTP.

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